1. M

    2 Videos with the same audio

    I have 2 YouTube channels. One is more general than another one. Can I use the same audio for 2 videos in both channels? Example, I record my voice telling a story. Then, I make 2 videos using the same audio (the story audio), but different illustrations. One video with nature ilustration...
  2. akimsomika

    Services Atmo sound - generative audio platform

    Hello, everyone So lovely to find this forum and all of you! Our team is in the middle of preparation of completely new product for content creators, which will help content makers all around the world to find audio for you product. So this is now addvertising, this is the post for research...
  3. LandyVlad

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021 Context ‘Back in the day’ when people were looking for a professional, feature-rich video editing solution there was really only one answer on everyone’s lips “Adobe Premiere”. Fortunately since then things have changed for the better. There are a lot...
  4. danielrosehill

    1080P webcam with decent built in mic?

    Hi YouTubers, I have a Youtube channel for my writing business in which I share a few tips and thoughts for my clients. The videos really aren't fancy. Just me speaking into a camera - vlogs basically. But they're nice resources to be able to share on LinkedIn and embed in newsletters. My...
  5. T

    What microphone to pick under $200

    I am looking for a mic upgrade. I have been using the Samson Meteor Mic for 2 years now. My budget for the mic (including other harware needed for it) is $220. I don't have any equipment other than my current (USB) mic, an arm and pop filter. What I want to use it for: Voice-overs (for...
  6. mosaicclassics

    Using Sound Clips for Reviews

    I'd like to start a channel that reviews recordings of jazz music. It seems appropriate to play some brief excerpts (20-seconds or so) from certain tracks, but I realize it would probably lead to copyright claims, thus taking away monetization opportunities. Any suggestions for a legitimate...
  7. mattandmarti

    Newbie: Audio Tips and Advice

    We're absolute newbies and I've been using premier for literally a week, would love a critique of the below. I feel like the overall volume is too low, any standards I should be adhering to or tools within Premier to make sure Im achieving correct levels throughout!?
  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Improve Audio Quality In YouTube Videos - Fix Audio Quality Tips

    How To Improve Audio Quality In YouTube Videos - Fix Audio Quality // Is your sound bad? Ruined a video because of bad audio? In this video I share with you my ticks and tips to get quality audio on all your future videos.
  9. SwiftUnity

    Audio Advice - Gaming Commentary

    Hi! I'm looking for advice regarding editing audio for YouTube commentary. I really enjoy how Markiplier does his audio currently. If anyone knows any tips as to making a mic sound like his (in the ambiance), please shoot me a reply. I'm also looking for general advice with audio uploaded to YT...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Rode VideoMic GO Review and Unboxing - IS IT WORTH THE MONEY?

    Rode VideoMic GO Review and Unboxing // Rode Microphones can be expensive but are used by many larger YouTubers, but is a Rode VideoMic or a Rode Microphone worth the money? Clear, directional audio on the GO! Compact and light weight by design, the VideoMic GO delivers clear, crisp...
  11. PhysicsFreak101

    How to start/improve your Gaming/Funny Moments Channel!

    Okay first off, I've only been on YouTube for a little over 2 years so far, and been making funny moments style content for about 8 months, so if you guys have any other recommendations, please comment them down below! Now that we are done with that, I want to share how I make my videos, and...
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Improve Your Audio Quality - 5 YouTube Sound Tips 2018

  13. Jared Van Houten

    Creating an Audio Story

    Hey guys! So this is how I usually put together an Audio Story! 1. Make sure to have a good quality recording mic. 2. Make sure you speak at a reasonable distance away from the mic. 3. Using Pro Tools, make enough tracks. One for Voice overs, one for sound effects and one for music. 4. Always...
  14. Cpaws Music

    Services [Paid] Experienced Sound Designer/Music Composer Available for Hire

    Hey there! My name is Cpaws and I compose music, sound effects and overall sound design for video games and film. I've worked on numerous games (both music and sound effects) and am looking to spread my services to whomever needs them. My prices are $15 per sound effect & $150 per minute of...
  15. ALEA freelicencemusic

    Services Free music background, soundtrack, instrumental

    Hello there! I'm a student and jazz musician for a living and I have a big passion for recording. I made this channel so I could produce to my heart's content :D. At the same time I want to allow all content creators to freely download and use my work, be it as background music, intro/outro...
  16. Jawad Soomro

    How to edit clear audio in Premiere Pro?

    If you are frustrated about the audio quality, and you have little to no knowledge about how to improve audio. This premiere pro tutorial is your destination. Enjoy!
  17. The Unwanted Letter

    Buy a better Audio recorder or Better microphone

    Im deciding on purchasing better audio equipment but im stuck as to what i should upgrade first. I currently own a rode video mic and a tascam dr 40 and im looking into into buying a rode ntg2 and a zoom h5 but i cant get both at the same time, which do you think i should buy first for better...
  18. A

    My mic picks up button smashing while gaming. Make it stop!

    Hey everyone, If anyone has any tips on how to keep my mic from picking up the button smashing sounds please let me know! I'm recording with a snowball but the audio and video recording gets automatically paired through my elgato. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. Let me know if you...
  19. The Unwanted Letter

    Is the rode ntg2 that much better then the rode videomic?

    So i was looking to upgrade my microphone to something that is a lot better then the rode video mic and i was wondering if the rode ntg2 was my answer, is the microphone worth the upgrade from the rode videomic.
  20. Shehzad

    One Of The Best Audio Recording Setups (Short Version)

    Short rapid fire version of the original video. How an entry level audio setup looks like and how it is setup. If your into podcasting or want to improve your audio recording quality. This is a step in the right direction.
  21. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone in New York

    Anyone in New York who would like to create a film crew and shoot short films. All different types of short films. I'm looking for people who are interested in Editing, Audio, lighting, script writing to be in the Crew so in total at least 4 other people not counting myself. We could always...
  22. Jared Poirier

    First Video with Sound Effects

    Hey guys! My latest video on the Justice League movie is the first in which I've utilized sound effects. What do you guys think of my implementation of sound effects here? How could I do it better?
  23. VigilantRager

    OBS issues

    Now I dont have issues with obs, I like it and only have to complain about it making two audio tracks but putting them in the same file, but why why why when I hit stop recording does it just get stuck on that and never save? Follow up question, can I make the tracks save into two separate files?
  24. VigilantRager

    Audio and recording

    How after recording multiple audio tracks with OBS can you split them up? In VLC I can clearly listen to both tracks but when I drag that file into Hitfilm it only has my voice. does anyone know anything about this? I am just figuring all of this recording jazz out so any tips would help really
  25. Your Buddy Gas

    What's your opinion on Adobe Creative cloud CC 2018?

    As some of you may know, the Adobe Creative Cloud cc 2018 update released a few days ago. Not obviously all of you work with it(or with a few programs at least), but to all who use it, what do you think about it? My opinion: Adobe has program's for a very wide group of creators. Some are...
  26. A

    Questions: Face Detection, Audio and Background

    Really, really need some help! :eek: I've got a new studio setup and I'm doing some test videos to get out the kinks for the future real video shooting. I've got a key light (with softbox) on the left side, a fill light on the right and another one lighting the backdrop. With the dimensions of...
  27. Lekjih

    Basic music video making guide?

    I've been searching for about two hours now for a guide on how to layer audio and which programs to use to make music videos, in particular those acapella ones where it's something like "Peter Hollens - 1 voice 80 tracks" but all it's coming up with is the Acapella app. Does anyone know of such...
  28. The Unwanted Letter

    Videos quiet

    So my videos seem a bit to quite i know stuff like music and sfx is needed but in between i simply just have room tone and sound effetcs and it still feels too quite to be engaged but do you all have any suggestions
  29. D-Red Beatz Games

    Have You Ever Forgot To Record Audio

    I haven't done that myself...yet lol hopefully I won't but I've recently deleted the ones I've needed when I was extremely tired not paying good attention, it reeeeally sucked. Any similar experiences?