What microphone to pick under $200


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I am looking for a mic upgrade. I have been using the Samson Meteor Mic for 2 years now. My budget for the mic (including other harware needed for it) is $220. I don't have any equipment other than my current (USB) mic, an arm and pop filter.

What I want to use it for:

Voice-overs (for tutorials or trailers)
Stereo/omni audio (asmr like)
Sound effect recording (game effects).

I am not brand loyal, so it doesn't have to be from a big brand.

So it needs to have at least stereo output. I can downmix this to mono for voiceover. So this doesn't need to be hardware implemented (but that would be a nice feature.

So far the ALG Lyra, Blue Yeti X, HyperX QuadCast and Samson GTrack Pro look the best rn. But please feel free to change my mind!
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I've already looked around. Sadly most vids are outdated or are just staying buy this brand without any facts :/
That's because some of the microphones used are timeless and the videos don't require much updating. Not much has changed for microphones from what I can see, just a few minor updates like voice meters, just more bells and whistles without making the bells or whistles sound better.
The Yeti X is kind of just an upgrade to the Yeti but if you start comparing the specs, it's not a massive difference. Also keep in mind, you might not notice a difference since the Samson spec difference again isn't that large. Yeti's biggest advantage, that I know of, is the ability to change the directions it takes audio in, which is useless if you're primarily a solo creator.
That said I'd pick the Yeti X but that's only because I used to use the Yeti and it did everything I needed it to.
I'd say Blue Yeti for sure! I've had mine for around 2 years now and it's the best mic I've ever owned! It's versatile because it can change directions from which it picks up sound etc - so I'd highly recommend it!