1. StitchzStyle

    Getting the Best Audio for YouTube

    Microphones Commentary videos seem to dominate YouTube these days, straight up game play just doesn't cut it anymore and we are constantly hounded on how important quality of a microphone is so I decided to help give a guide as to what I personally recommend based on produce that I have tried...
  2. Review Wiz

    Neewer NW 700 Condenser Mic- Great Budget Mic for Youtube!

    Hey Guys, I recently upgraded my audio by switching to the Neewer NW 700 that I reviewed on my channel. When used with the Sabrent USB externel sound card, it provides some really great audio for just around 20 dollars. I just want to help you guys decide, if you are in the market for a...
  3. That BioMechanical Dude

    Leveling the volume in audio commentaries

    As a reviewer, one of the key parts in my videos is the audio commentary. It has to be clean and consistent, in order to be easily understandable. However I've been having a problem with the volume levels. They are inconsistent. A sentence can have some words or syllables with a very high volume...
  4. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Creepiest Audio Recordings

    This is a list of 10 real audio recordings to send chills down your spine!
  5. Janzen

    (PS4) OBS + Audacity ≠ Synced audio

    Start PS4 + Game Start recording with OBS (Push 2 Talk) Start recording with Audacity Loudly say "MARK" to mark a point to sync Audacity with OBS in vegas. Falls out of sync gradually. Why?
  6. Omeo

    Fixing Audio in Post

    Hi, everyone. Since I'm just starting out, I don't have a lotta money for expensive audio equipment, so I'm trying to learn ways to clean up my audio in post, as best I can. I've already learned how to get rid of hisses and hums and background noises, but what can I do about bad acoustics? I...
  7. Megan Hawkins

    The Whistling audio file?

    Hey guys! I've been trying to figure out which audio file on the creator tab of youtube is the one that Natasha Bure uses in her videos. For some reason I can't listen to the files first, I have to just download them which is aggravating when you're trying to find one. Can anyone help me out...
  8. The Enterprise

    How to Increase Audio Quality?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on YTtalk! Almost two weeks ago I released my first video on my channel, The Enterprise, and, among other things that need improvement, audio quality is lacking in my opinion. How would I go about making my audio sound more professional? My setup is a...
  9. Exotik

    Want some feedback on my latest review video!

    So my channel has been up for about three weeks, and its been going really well so far (114 subs). Anyway, i was wanting some feedback on my latest headphone review. I spent a long time making it and want some ways to improve! Video:
  10. Amalia

    How To Improve The Audio Quality of Your Video

    Hey guys, so I just got the criticism that my audio quality isn't that good, and I've actually noticed it myself. So I want to hear different opinions on how to change and improve it - what do you guys recommend? Should I buy a microphone? Or a software? Sorry, I'm really not good at these...
  11. F

    Microphone for sketches

    So a couple friends and I were planning on starting some kind of YouTube channel sometime in the near future, and we would primarily be doing sketches, but I'm needing a better mic than the ones built into my camera, and I'm pretty sure the condenser that I use for voiceovers won't work for...
  12. Paleus

    Looking For a Wireless Microphone Recommendation - Canon T5i Rebel DSLR

    We're looking for a recommendation on which wireless microphone to use with our Canon T5i Rebel. What are you shooting? We're looking to do a video course on the economic analysis of bitcoin. For this, I would need the wireless freedom to move around a whiteboard. It is aiming to be high...
  13. Gametrap

    Talk too fast?

    I've tried many times to perfect the audio in my videos and by looking at other channels, I've come to the conclusion, that talking slower is better. Now in my latest video I've attempted to talk even slower than I usually do and I would like to know, which you would prefer: My latest...
  14. LionWaffles


    The Problem: So if you've read any of my other threads that I posted in this section, it's probably me ranting about how bad premiere pro is for the price, because of one simple issue. When I watch a video out of premiere the audio is 100% in sync. However, once I import it and watch it in...
  15. Austin Coleman

    Need Help in Audio (Recording)

    I am trying to do a dual commentary with my YouTube partner and we can not get an efficient way to record both our voices on Xbox One, any ideas or tips? All answers are welcome! Thanks guys for the help.
  16. FanoBelmont

    Elgato Video-Audio Sync Problems

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this issue? I am recording PS4 footage through an Elgato HD60 capture card. It had been working great until last night after recording Soma (awesome game!) when I put the footage on Premiere, I notice the game video and audio were out of sync and it got...
  17. A

    Question About recording

    i have a gaming channel that i do with my older brother and we sometimes both have problems when we do video together specifically audio issues. we do not live in the same city so we need to rely on chat services like google hangout and Skype to record our videos. Skype is out of the question...
  18. Michael

    Pop Filter Alternative For Plosives?

    Does anyone know of anything you can use instead of a pop filter and their alternatives? Preferable something easy and small perhaps? Any ideas? Thank you.