1. Busu Gamers

    Fixed Audio ! Need Feedback

    Hey guys ! Hope everyones having a lovely labor day ! Me and my friend took some advise from YTTalk to heart and made some improvements on our video. The big issue was the game sound overpowering our voice. That said, I decided to record the audio of our commentary separately and later on...
  2. DaKatz

    Programs for Macs

    I use a mac and have got a pretty simple set up for recording which I'll share because why not. Screen Recording - Screenflick - $40 Screenflick is really easy to use. You can set your dimensions or just click a window to match the dimensions. Screenflick can also record your voice, camera and...
  3. Busu Gamers

    Channel Opening ! Need some feed back <3

    Hey guys ! New to the community here. Me and a friend of mine started to work on a youtube channel for the past week to finish our channels Intro, channel design and overall look. I think we finally came to the point where we were pretty happy on how everything turned out. TODAY we decided...
  4. O

    Where can I find good music!???

    Hi Where or how do you find the perfect music that suits your videos? I am looking for some background mood music but its hard to find sometimes when I don't have the perfect song or audio for it in the mind is there a playlist where I can grab music and use for youtube legal? I know youtube...
  5. Maarij Bashir

    What DAW do you guys use for recording?

    I use ableton, fl studio, and reaper. Just want to know what you guys use.
  6. SeanFace101

    What is a good "Words to Voice" converter with good voices?

    What is a good free "Words to Voice" converter website that I can use to say a couple of things in my videos? One with good, or at least decent good voices to choose from? :P Thanks..
  7. sphamedia

    Help a cafinated scotsman slow down!

    So like everyone else here I'm trying to improve my videos and the most common complaint i get is that I speak fast and its hard to understand, the problem is im Scottish, and most Scottish people talk so fast we barely finish our words, ive tried digitally slowing my voice but it sounds tinny...
  8. Lizzeelive

    How do you make the Blue Snowball sound as good as it possibly can!?

    I have echos in my audio and I need to know how to fix that, but I also want to know how to make the audio sound as good as possible. Do you have any tips?
  9. Jacadamia

    How do I Make Videos in College? What do you do?

    So I just started off my whole youtube shabang, and although it's really early in the game, I know I want to continue it! The thing is though, I'm going to college for my first semester at the end of august, and I'm not sure how plausible that would be. Sure I'd have to balance studies with...
  10. hj154

    Audacity / Blue Yeti Mic Settings and Positioning

    Hello! I use Audacity to record my audio and a Blue Yeti mic. --- I was wondering where the gain should be on the Blue Yeti (1 o'clock, 3 o'clock, etc...). ---A good distance to speak from the mic ---I am also trying to find an Audacity chain that works and sounds good in my videos. I am looking...
  11. F

    Help: Splitting Audio

    Hello, I am new to the YT forums here. I just recently started doing YouTube and obtained 1,200 subscribers and am looking to better the quality of my videos. I have been thinking about doing a lot of multiplayer game play with my friends and uploading it but I need to find a way to record my...
  12. goombanna

    Short Film Always looking for crew

    Hey all! So I write/produce/direct/act in all of the sketches on my channel, and I have a whole list of more that I'm looking to shoot in the future! So I just wanted to get the word out there that if you're a cam op, sound person, or gaffer and wanna collaborate with me, I'm more than happy to...
  13. Altairsfriend

    Looking for some feedback on our latest video.

    We tried something different with this video (both of us played) and are wondering if it paid off. Also, we have been working on the audio in our videos and I think we are close to having it down. How's the thumbnail, editing, pacing, and length? More importantly is it enjoyable? Thanks for...
  14. Brodie

    Take A Picture of Your Recording Setup :)

    When watching BTS of things it's always really cool to see how everything is done and set up so I've decided to make a thread where you post your setup explaining how it all works, these things seem fascinating :P Beware I might end up asking loads of questions :D I guess I'll start it off then...
  15. BlockyLive

    What microphone do you use and how good is it?

    Hi, I was just wondering what audio equipment you have for your set up (This includes amplifiers and stuff like that). Tell me why you use this specific microphone and in the poll above rate your mic on a scale of 1 to 10. I use the Blue Snow Ball. It was only $50 and it has decent quality. Its...
  16. Lets Torque Cars


    I've used YouTube Editor now for a while to finalize my videos with adding music.. When I put my video into YouTube Editor, it works fine and I can watch and listen to the video. Now here's my problem, when adding music underneath the video on YouTube Editor, it removes my video audio...
  17. Rybolt

    Extracting audio tacks separately?

    Hi, I am recording with action and I record the game audio and Mic audio into separate tracks in the MP4 and I need to extract the audio tracks separately, Like get a mic MP3 file and a game audio MP3 file. I need to do this so I can edit the volume individually and then put them in movie maker...
  18. SeanFace101

    How do i change the audio track length in the YouTube Editor?

    I have made a video in the video editor and put an audio track playing over it, but I don't want the audio track to play all the way through the video, how to I get the music which lasts over 2 minutes to only play over the first 20 seconds of the video?
  19. T

    Need help with my audio worflow

    Hi, I have currently nearly finished my first ever video with premiere pro (cc2014) but I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my audio. I watched a lot of tutorial but none explain me what workflow i must follow as a beginner. I heard about normalizer, EQ, vocal enhancement effect, band...
  20. Sinser

    FAKE LEAN!?!?

    Check out my video and tell me if the audio in this is better or worse than the previous video.
  21. Jayel_Boss

    Getting rid of hiss in room tone

    H A L L O W . People of the red sea we call the internet i am recently in the process of making a short film and i was curious. Is it possible to get rid of the hissing sound in my roomtone?? Now i know it may come down to stuff like better mics ,good recorders and what not...
  22. Sinser

    Channel and Audio Review

    Hey guys I was gonna ask you to review my channel and my audio in the link below because for some reason audacity makes some clips loud and then some are soft and I would love if someone could explain why this happens and how I can fix it. All review are appreciated :) and so would any advice or...
  23. Shandor

    Audacity filter background noise (works in other programs aswell)

    Dear fellow YouTubers, Whilst I was scrolling through this forum I noticed an older post about this and some comments that it wasn't working properly for everyone, so I decided to share my way in fixing my voice. 1) Open audacity (or editing software of choice 2) record your audio 3) With...
  24. grogvlog

    Clipped audio

    Hi all, I was recently recording a vlog on a busy road bridge and I've only now noticed, in editing, that the audio is clipping on my speech. It's not awful awful, but it is a bit buzzy... I know I can't get the data back that's been lost by the clipping, but does anyone know of some magic...
  25. LTWeekly

    How to get Really Good Audio for Free!

    So a while back, I saw a tip on a video by Fstoppers which completely changed my YouTube videos in terms of audio. The tip was to get an app on your iPhone called iTalk Recorder (there'll be something very similar on Android too of course) and use that to record audio. At first, I didn't really...
  26. JuicyDuckWild


    Hey guys, i've kinda been doubting my channel art, thumbanils, etc. I devoloped a style for making them but I really want to know if they are any good or not... A few people said It sucked, so I felt I needed opinions. If you want to visit my channel, just search up juicyduckwild on google...
  27. C

    Audio + picture video exporting. Tunestotube alternative?

    Hi, I am music composer and would like to ask you how to create long videos with pictures and audio. I noticed there are many of those for 9 hours long. What is the best settings for export. I also used tunestotube, but they limit file size to 100mb so mp3 quality must be very low if i want to...
  28. Purely Peña

    What recording equipment to use for outdoor interviews?

    So I have been doing a political series on my channel, and I am at the point I want to take my channel outdoors, for interviews with everyday people. Basically, I want to stop people on the street, tell them what I am trying to do, if they agree, then I have them sign a waiver, then I want to...
  29. Ruth Taylor

    mic for nikon d5100

    I am after a mic that attaches to the top of my slr or something that would work easy for me, so I can get better audio for my videos and up the quality itself thanks for any help!