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Hi, I was just wondering what audio equipment you have for your set up (This includes amplifiers and stuff like that). Tell me why you use this specific microphone and in the poll above rate your mic on a scale of 1 to 10.
I use the Blue Snow Ball. It was only $50 and it has decent quality. Its small and light so you could easily travel with it. It is lacking in some features but if your starting I recommend this product. What do you have?:)
I also have the blue snowball and it's just meh.

It works and is a decent mic for the price but it's equal just "decent" it has flaws that makes it not the best choice.

Next one i'm getting is the blue yeti and I hope it's good.
I have a Blue Snowball as well! I plan to upgrade to the Yeti eventually, though... The Snowball has had some issues, but it is mostly me testing the settings to see which is better for what I do. I give it a 6.
I work with an Audio Technica AT-2035 and a Line 6 UX2 interface. It's an extremely high quality setup and I love how I sound. But I'm still making some tweaks to fix peaking since my voice can get a little loud and high pitched. Unless I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, its a great microphone!
I use the samson Q7 and connect it to my computer using the Focusrite scarlett solo and it sounds great, I need to talk loud though.
I use the mic input on the Zoom H6 Recorder, or I use my Rode NTG3, Both sound great, especially the mics on the recorder itself.
I have Audio Technica AT2020+ USB. While lacking some features of Blue Yeti or accessories like Rode NT USB, quality is (or at least I think) completely superb. With foam filter on it, pop-filter and some voice compression I can get really amazing results without needing acoustic foam in my room (sure it would help, but as small on-budget youtuber I cant afford it :) )