audio equipment

  1. Brodie

    Take A Picture of Your Recording Setup :)

    When watching BTS of things it's always really cool to see how everything is done and set up so I've decided to make a thread where you post your setup explaining how it all works, these things seem fascinating :P Beware I might end up asking loads of questions :D I guess I'll start it off then...
  2. BlockyLive

    What microphone do you use and how good is it?

    Hi, I was just wondering what audio equipment you have for your set up (This includes amplifiers and stuff like that). Tell me why you use this specific microphone and in the poll above rate your mic on a scale of 1 to 10. I use the Blue Snow Ball. It was only $50 and it has decent quality. Its...
  3. Purely Peña

    What recording equipment to use for outdoor interviews?

    So I have been doing a political series on my channel, and I am at the point I want to take my channel outdoors, for interviews with everyday people. Basically, I want to stop people on the street, tell them what I am trying to do, if they agree, then I have them sign a waiver, then I want to...