1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Boya BY-MM1 Microphone Review and Unboxing - BEST BUDGET MINI SHOTGUN MICROPHONE?

    Boya BY-MM1 Microphone Review and Unboxing - BEST BUDGET MINI SHOTGUN MICROPHONE // You don't have to break the bank to get the best shotgun microphone on a budget. The Boya BY-MM1 is a great quality microphone that rivals the Rode VideoMic GO at a fraction of the price. The hands on review and...
  2. ZenHollywood

    Please help: Getting started as a new vlogger

    Hello everyone, I'm a new vlogger interested in developing my YouTube channel "The Zen of Hollywood" and creating a successful series of videos called "Life Lessons from Hollywood Movies" in which I briefly discuss a possible life lesson we can extract from a particular Hollywood film---a life...
  3. The Unwanted Letter

    Most EXPENSIVE Piece Of Equipment You Regret Buying!

    What is one piece of equipment that you have bought that every time you look at it your soul aches cause of how much you spent on it?
  4. C

    Where to buy lighting equipment??

    I am looking to buy a ring lamp/light to use for filming makeup application (in Canada) so if there are any stores or product recommendations please list them here/online shopping links are an option too. Thanks!
  5. Blckrose2020

    Gaming Channel Equipment

    What are the beat equipment for gaming channels? I mostly play on the PS4 but I am looking for a decent mic that I can use on my controller and then switch over to my laptop for Pc games. Also looking for a camera, best audio recorder and video editor on PC. Also is there something to make my...
  6. Darren Taylor

    Time for an upgrade, but what camera cheap can do this...?

    Hi Everyone. I'm 7 weeks into my YouTube journey and I made my 10th video this week. I finally have the confidence to say YouTube is something I will continue doing long term! I am currently using my smartphone (Samsung S7) to record my videos, but I really want a camera that films in better...
  7. T

    I finally want to start, but how? Equipment, Settings ect

    Hi Everyone :) My name is Tim, and I would like to finally start my YouTube Channel. I´d like to make a lifestyle channel, healthy cooking, urban gardening and things like that. Mostly, my videos will be in my kitchen. The kitchen is wide and I have a lot of space to move, it is at the...
  8. Sbrininger

    Equipment & software suggestions for 9 year old?

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  9. enyiie

    Camera for vlogging?

    Hi guys! I'm thinking of doing a lot of travelling this year around Europe and doing an exchange. I wanted to vlog my travels and was wondering what you guys use to film? I currently use my Canon EOS 70D but thats way to big to carry around everywhere. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of getting...
  10. Kaitlyn Moore


    Hello Friends! I apologize if this is in the wrong category but I'm pretty sure this is the correct one" So I've been making youtube videos for a year now but I have recently broke my old studio lights that didn't work so well to start with. And since I live in Canada it's always snowing or...
  11. Hendrik Kapp

    Other Looking for someone to collab with!

    Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to collaborate with. I run a photography channel where I talk about how you can start your own photography or videography career. I need someone who can help me point out some valid tips on 10 things every amateur photographer needs to know before...

    What camera do you use?

    Hello everyone just wondering what camera you use to record videos and what's your opinion of it? I'm using the canon eos 1200D and it's okay to record with but has no autofocus so can be problematic. What's yours?
  13. Michael Lebert

    How'd you get the money for your equipment/gear?

    I'm working at McDonalds and getting no more than 10 hours a week which sucks,I'm working on finding a better job within the next 3-5 months. I could also make money on the side by fixing things or flipping stuff off craigslist If I really wanted to since I have tools and am pretty handy. I just...
  14. Anjim

    Does Donatations To Youtube And Twitch Channels Help You?

    The question is that are donation help you or it's a scam?
  15. matharris99

    cheapest and best camera??

    hii I'm looking to find a camera at a relatively affordable price that can do 1080p film quality along with 60 fps.. also something that has half decent auto focusing and preferably a flip out screen! thank ya
  16. matharris99

    budget cameras?

    what is the cheapest camera you can get that does 1080p video as well as 60fps??
  17. BlockyLive

    What microphone do you use and how good is it?

    Hi, I was just wondering what audio equipment you have for your set up (This includes amplifiers and stuff like that). Tell me why you use this specific microphone and in the poll above rate your mic on a scale of 1 to 10. I use the Blue Snow Ball. It was only $50 and it has decent quality. Its...
  18. M

    Better quality camera?

    Hey all! I'm pretty new to the YouTube community and I've filmed my first video with my iPhone. The quality isn't the greatest obviously but I figured I had to start somewhere (can't really afford a dsl camera or anything too pricey at the moment).. I am definitely looking into purchasing a...
  19. Come let's play

    New channel for children

    Hi everyone! I am new to the YTT but one thing i can say is that this forum is amazing. So much information you can use to improve your channel, so many good youtubers willing to support and give an advice. My channel is fairly new. There are only few videos on as i am trying to see what works...
  20. LilFox29

    OBS Help/Any other screen recorders?

    Hey guys! I am a gaming YouTuber and I'm looking for a Windows screen recorder. I've heard very good reviews about Open Broadcaster Software or "OBS". I can figure out how to record and stuff but it doesn't save my recorded videos... anyone know how to fix this? And yes, I had the output...
  21. AshZelda

    Mid Price Camera Suggestions?

    Hey guys! As much as I fine tune the rest of my equipment, my camera is the one thing I'm never happy with. A huge part of that is that I just can't afford to drop an insane amount on the camera I really want. Do you guys have any suggestions for a camera in $200-300 range that has a screen that...
  22. mmrobins

    Equipment Help

    Hello! I would like some advice on a few items concerning equipment So I have a loud fan on my laptop (MSI Ge62 Apache Pro) and I was just wondering what you guys would recommend for a mic that would cancel out that noise, at least a little bit. Also did not realize how loud my mic clicks so if...
  23. SlimmmCali

    Cheap/Affordable Lighting Equipment Exists!!?

    Hey Guys, I found these online a few months ago and have been eyeing them for quite some time now. NEW PHOTO STUDIO CONTINUOUS LIGHTING UMBRELLA KIT GCB092 These lights are under $50, and if it is your first time ordering from the site, that brings the price of them down to $41 dollars, along...
  24. darkstarmedia

    Lighting Recommendations?

    Hey, guys! I'd really love your assistance here. My main issue with recording videos is sound and lighting - now, I'm learning how to use my microphone, but I am currently without any artificial lighting. My budget is looking at £50 ($70ish) or so for the time being, so I understand that it...
  25. mavio

    better PC or better equipment?

    Hey I have around 400 euros to spend and improve my channel quality. My mic is crap (20 euro trust mic), my facecam is my mobile phone which stops recording after 20 min or so. I also have a laptop from 2012 which can't run any decent game from 2014 onwards. My question is should I invest in...