Kaitlyn Moore

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Hello Friends! I apologize if this is in the wrong category but I'm pretty sure this is the correct one"
So I've been making youtube videos for a year now but I have recently broke my old studio lights that didn't work so well to start with. And since I live in Canada it's always snowing or raining so my lighting can show up pretty dark sometimes.. I was wondering if you guys knew of any affordable lighting that'll really help improve my videos overall quality.

xoxo Kaitlyn
Any type of soft box will do. I just googled "affordable soft box" and it came up with a 3 piece set with bulbs for like $80.
You can buy the following on eBay for £30
2 x 135W Studio Photography Continuous Lighting 50x70cm Soft Box Light Stand Kit
Wow such quick responses thank you everyone!! I found a good set, my dad said he'll drive me into the city this weekend to look at some soft box and ring lights and if I can't find any at the camera store I'll order some on ebay :)