1. Kaitlyn Moore


    Hello Friends! I apologize if this is in the wrong category but I'm pretty sure this is the correct one" So I've been making youtube videos for a year now but I have recently broke my old studio lights that didn't work so well to start with. And since I live in Canada it's always snowing or...
  2. OrdinaryBiscuit

    Need Help! Lighting Recommendations?

    Hey Guys, So I obviously make youtube videos and I stream but the issue I have is that my lighting is not suitable enough for my greenscreen unless it's daytime (natural light) I would buy a standard lighting kit but I do not have the space to have them on stands. Is there a solution that is...
  3. SeanFace101

    1mW & 5mW / Green Laser Pens / Pointers - See What They Can Do!

    Laser Snaps: 1mW & 5mW Lasers - 532nm + 10 Wavelength. This video shows and tells you what the these 2 green laser pointer pens can to and what their attachments are capable of. A very cool video with an equally great backing tune.
  4. paigelknowles

    Lighting question!!

    Is there any cheap way of getting good quality lighting for tripod filmed videos besides natural lighting and overhead lights? I know there are high-priced high-quality lights some YouTubers use but I'm looking for a cheap substitution for this! Thanks for your help!