Most EXPENSIVE Piece Of Equipment You Regret Buying!

Not directly related to YouTube, but I recently bought an Android TV box that cost me about $80. It was a Chinese import with really good specs and it worked well for about 3 weeks and I felt like I had saved a lot of money but then it suddenly just died and so it was a waste of money. I replaced it with an Amazon firestick for the same price but lower specs but which seems to be working much better. Go figure. ^^
None. Money are limited and family goes first so everything bought is well scheduled and usually second hand. In older times I have really regreted cheap stuff from Aliexpress, ebay and similar. In time learned that if something costs e.g. 100$ there is no possibility to be replaced from a copy that costs 10$ But. when you make a post on the most expensive damages, I have so many to report, from laptop screens on the field to cameras, to lenses... :p :) XD
my wireless mouse, i wanted to buy it because laptops take up space and wire can tangle up with other stuff. However i recently learn i can get gaming mouse for under $5 if i shop online. My mouse I got from official microsoft brand was over $30! I feel cheated.
20 years ago I ran a multimedia business.
At that time I bought a then state-of-the-art SCSI flatbed scanner by HP which cost me DEM 1500.
And I also purchased a transparency add-on for that scanner for another DEM 1500 for scanning slides, negatives and X-Ray images.
I did not receive a single order which would have benefit from the transparency add-on. That was DEM 1500 down the drain.
Fortunately I could write off those items and reduce my tax load.