How'd you get the money for your equipment/gear?

Michael Lebert

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I'm working at McDonalds and getting no more than 10 hours a week which sucks,I'm working on finding a better job within the next 3-5 months. I could also make money on the side by fixing things or flipping stuff off craigslist If I really wanted to since I have tools and am pretty handy. I just want to know how everyone saved for their equipment and maybe learn ways I can make more money. Excuse me for any broken rules if any here.
I just saved up and bought my gear on the fly. I am also not beyond using stuff that is horribly outdated but still does pretty good when needed. I only buy stuff when it breaks, or when it needs an upgrade BAD!
The first apartment I moved into was infested with all sorts of lovely bugs. =S Instead of buying furniture and doing anything interesting with my life, I spent my free time squirting poison everywhere every day lol. I saved a lot of money that year from doing nothing but fighting bug wars, and I was able to buy good equipment when I moved out. ^^
Usually from my website (YouTube earnings are horrendous despite having over 5k subs). I'll save up most of them and only spend the money on stuffs I really need.
I just saved up money and asked some from my parents. My recording software is from me saving up and my headset was from my parents. The equipment I bought isn't really expensive so I'm trying to buy a webcam in a few weeks!
Since I don't have a job, I usually ask for things for Christmas or my birthday, or use money that I've been given as a present.
I work 39 hours a week in a rather stressful job but the silver lining is it pays for my apartment and my gear for Gaming and YouTubing I just recently got a GTX 1070 and that took some saving for being over £400 my advice don't skimp on quality for something cheaper save up for the better item and research them even check out some YouTube videos on reviews of items.
I think we've all pretty much done the same thing - worked hard. There's the lucky people out there who make millions of views with mediocre equipment then get the money via YouTube to step up their equipment game but it's rare. I personally use a normal canon camera and that's about it. To be honest, it's not really about who has the best equipment but who has the best content. Whether it's original, or just a entertaining knock off video that's been done but better. As long as your content is enjoyable people will watch. You don't have to spend thousands for top notch stuff. Obviously you want something watchable, not some iPhone 4 camera lol.

I myself am saving up for some studio lights to make my content a little more bright and crisp. :)