OBS Help/Any other screen recorders?


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Hey guys!

I am a gaming YouTuber and I'm looking for a Windows screen recorder. I've heard very good reviews about Open Broadcaster Software or "OBS". I can figure out how to record and stuff but it doesn't save my recorded videos... anyone know how to fix this? And yes, I had the output location set a my videos folder.

I am also open to new screen recorders. The one I use now is a free one called "Screencast-o-Matic" which has pretty good quality although, it is free and I can only record for 15 minutes. The "Pro" version of this recorder costs $15 a year. I know that's very cheap but I rather look for another recorder that can do more or has better quality. I am not a huge YouTuber and I want to start out small with my equipment. Any ideas?

-Alyssa, "LilFox"
You can try Plays.TV especially if it's for gaming - My gf is still testing it out but it runs pretty well. You can record screen sound and your mic at the same time, as well as display your webcam in a corner. It's all FREE.

Your channel link doesn't work btw!
DXTory is a really good screen recorder, I can't think of any reasons why OBS wouldn't save files for you. You can try creating a new folder, either that or could you possibly be out of memory?
I like Bandicam. It costs about 40 bucks but it has a lot of helpful options especially when trying to create screen capture videos for YouTube. It gives you the options of embedding logos, webcam size, separate audio tracks for in-game audio and microphones, and a ton of other options.
I use Xsplit Broadcaster, records in 1080p with 60 fps. the watermark on the free version is negligible and it allows video overlay in the recording(facecam!), alternatively fraps + bandicam(fraps to record gameplay and bandicam to record facecam) is what some people like to use, I know JackSepticEye uses the fraps/bandi combo.
Hi there Fox, honestly if OBS doesn't work try creating a new folder if not youtube has many tutorials on that issue ;)
now i use my windows 10 game capture which is free comes with windows 10 (Press windows key + G) to access it when in game records in 720p at base resolution but you can go to 1080p that all in the settings ;) it's very straight forward.

Ps: Your channel link doesn't work ;)