better PC or better equipment?


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Hey I have around 400 euros to spend and improve my channel quality. My mic is crap (20 euro trust mic), my facecam is my mobile phone which stops recording after 20 min or so.

I also have a laptop from 2012 which can't run any decent game from 2014 onwards.

My question is should I invest in a new PC or in a camera and an awesome mic?

In my opinion the better option is a video camera and a mic since audio and facecam quality is much more important than playing high end games.

What do you guys think ?
I agree with the mic and webcam due to playing new gen games but you sound like yor speaking through a carton of milk then still no one would stick around for long. Plus there are a lot of good games pre-2014. :3
Mic & webcam.

Eventually, sell the laptop, save some more $, and then build an awesome gaming PC. 400 euros won't get you too far.
Mic and webcam. However they won't cost you 400 euros so you can save the money left over for your future PC build. My mic and webcam cost around 100 euros. Unless you want professional studio recording equipment then go for it!
Definitely a mic and a webcam, a great mic and webcam should go upto 60-100 combined, then you'll have 300 saved up, save some mo' and voila, you got a dope pc coming your way.
a good camera needs a good computer to compute e.thing: computer

microphone of unhearable quality? a 30/40 euros mic is the first choice ^^