I finally want to start, but how? Equipment, Settings ect


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Hi Everyone :)

My name is Tim, and I would like to finally start my YouTube Channel.
I´d like to make a lifestyle channel, healthy cooking, urban gardening and things like that.
Mostly, my videos will be in my kitchen. The kitchen is wide and I have a lot of space to move, it is at the opposite of my window wall, where I can step out to my terrace, and so there is some light during the days as well.

I already have an DSLR Nikon D5000, I bought lights (from IKEA), a stable tripod, a good quality microphone which I can connect with my iphone, and my iphone with a more or less stable tripod.

The Idea is to record myself with the dslr from a distance from about 2 meters, and having the iphone on the tripod to film the stuff I am cutting or cooking.
Later I want to cut the videos and make one video of both, together with the audio of the iphone-microphone.

I still haven´t figured out some things and I am very insecure to make things wrong and unprofessional.

When it´s dark outside and I have artificial lights, the video my DSLR records has a lot of picture noise. How can I get rid of this?

Which Objective do I have to use with this distance, to have the whole whidth (3 meters) of my kitchen in the frame? I can only place the camera max. 2.5-3 Meters away from me so (3x3m).

For once, I really appreciate your help in advance :)

Have a good day! Greetings from Vienna.

Even if all you have is a phone with a video camera and a s****y laptop, you can get started with Youtube.
As long as you have a strive to improve your content, you'll learn to improve over time.
Trial and error will be your only answer. You seem to have a good idea of how to get started. Just start filming away!
My honest advice; keep it simple and film while it's light, noise can be removed but more often than not it requirs plug ins that can be a bit expensive and it'll soften your image as a result (Due to you removing information) I would treat your DSLR as your main cam and your I-phone as a secondary camera but from the sound of things you already have a pretty good idea of what you want to produce...the best thing I can reccommend would be to shoot a "Pilot" or a first episode and pop it up in the "Video review" section of this forum you'll get a lot of honest and detailed feedback and information that will help you improve the next one you do...and from there its just building up and up but it seems like your on to a good thing already :)
Hi! I shoot with a Nikon D7100 in my bedroom with softboxes mostly at night time with virtually no noise. My goal is to get as much light on me as possible (wth the help of soft boxes) so I can use the lowest ISO possible. Lower ISO, less noise. But I'm sure you knew that from the sounds of it.
I thought with DSLR's you had the option to adjust the aperature, shutter and whatnot to avoid noise, or light so to speak. Maybe, I'm thinking of photography. Nevermind...:unsure2: