Camera for vlogging?


Hi guys!

I'm thinking of doing a lot of travelling this year around Europe and doing an exchange. I wanted to vlog my travels and was wondering what you guys use to film? I currently use my Canon EOS 70D but thats way to big to carry around everywhere.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of getting the Canon Eos M10 - is that a good choice?

I think the Sony X3000 would be a good vlogging camera for travel since it's 4K stabilized video and semi-decent audio quality built in to a nice, compact package. I was tempted to get one for my next trip, but opted to just take my current Olympus OM-D camera and the Tomtom Bandit and just put up with the extra weight.
Get a new smartphone if you dont already have one and get smartphone gimbal. Small, more or less discreet and professional and smooth video :) Samsung galaxy s7 is good enough.
oddly enough. and I usually would never agree with this because i am a filmmaker lol but 100% I agree with this. if you watch any of my vlogs, all the shots that have amazing quality were shot on my Samsung S7 edge. I mean that's not to say I want a dedicated vlogging camera but if you have a smartphone that shoots 4K its good enough. plus its ALWAYS on you
you probably already got one but i hear alot of people talking about getting a camera that has a good and fast auto focus. I guess so you don't have to worry whether or not you are out of focus when you have the camera pointed to you.