set up

  1. BrettTaylorYT

    What’s your setup?

    I was curious what you all use for your set up? (Camera, lights, mic, etc). I’ve already got a pretty good mic and camera set up (I use a RODE mic (also a Neewer NW-700 microphone for voice overs) and a Canon Rebel T5 as well as the Rebel T5i also my iPhone). But my main issue is lighting. I’m...
  2. Dizzy

    My Set-Up / Mic suggestions.

    Hey guys! I posted a video of my gaming/streaming/editing set up & would love to know what you think! Also, what kind of microphones are you using? I'm in the market for one. Let me know!! You can find me by searching "Jack Zustio" Thanks! <3
  3. Brodie

    Take A Picture of Your Recording Setup :)

    When watching BTS of things it's always really cool to see how everything is done and set up so I've decided to make a thread where you post your setup explaining how it all works, these things seem fascinating :P Beware I might end up asking loads of questions :D I guess I'll start it off then...
  4. BlockyLive

    What microphone do you use and how good is it?

    Hi, I was just wondering what audio equipment you have for your set up (This includes amplifiers and stuff like that). Tell me why you use this specific microphone and in the poll above rate your mic on a scale of 1 to 10. I use the Blue Snow Ball. It was only $50 and it has decent quality. Its...
  5. EkkyKupiKupi

    Hardrock Cafe Merchendise as decoration for mini studio

    Hello fellow youtubers, im setting up this mini studio for vlogging, My set up are as such however im not so sure whether i can include the hard rock cafe deco on my background (the one in the frame), will i get any copyright claims and can i still monitize my videos? Or it should be no...