Need help with my audio worflow



I have currently nearly finished my first ever video with premiere pro (cc2014) but I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my audio.

I watched a lot of tutorial but none explain me what workflow i must follow as a beginner. I heard about normalizer, EQ, vocal enhancement effect, band compressor,highpass, lowpass, DeNoise... I actually have no idea of what i need to improve my audio : it was taken with a rode shotgun mic, and i feel like it's a bit too loud since i can hear a hissing background noise (And my voice R.I.P my headphone even though my volume is at 50%)

So, what should i do to improve my audio, and enhance my voice ?
Turn your volume down even more lol.
search for how to decrease background noise or noise on youtube.
I don't really know what you mean by "workflow" you just do what you want until it sounds good to you. you record your stuff, if you want more bass, find a tutorial, that sort of thing.
If you want to alter your voice just search on youtube too.
If you can't do it in premiere pro then you can transfer the file to Audacity and edit it there.

Also your channel doesn't show up.
so go to your channel
copy the string after "/channel/"
paste it into the youtube username text box on yttalk
you also need to click the "/channel/" checkbox on yttalk
I'd advice using the Audacity audio editor. Unfortunately YTTalk won't let me post links to the important parts of information inside the Audacity wiki and manuals, but I'll underline the important keywords to search for once you're on the wiki.

The full workflow would look something like this:

  1. Import Audio
  2. Normalize audio (to -1.0 dB, not the default 0.0)
  3. Apply noise reduction (Don't go crazy with the settings, stick to the defaults first)
  4. (Optional/Advanced) Use a expander or noise gate to remove remaining background noise (requires external plugin)
  5. (Optional/Advanced) Apply a compressor to reduce volume fluctuations in spoken parts.
  6. Export audio (save creates just an Audacity project.)

I'll admit it is a bit technical, and a somewhat steep learning curve, but well worth your time. Once you get the hang of things above workflow takes a couple of minutes if even that.
I always use Audacity, recording a few seconds of background noise, using that as a guide for the noise removal tool, i then normalise my audio to -1db. Then i put a hard limit on the spikes in the audio. Sometimes compressing your audio removes those audio spikes too. Then if you so wished you could add a Bass and Treble boost but that isn't necessary and can sometimes make audio drown out.
I always use Audacity to adjust my audio! I record my voice with a measly headset microphone and it still ends up sounding like I use a mic or something, haha. But yeah! Use Audacity to adjust it! There are really good tutorials on YouTube on how to get rid of background noise and stuff like that , so try that!