please help

  1. TeeDottie1

    Kinda bummed out :( plz help

    Well, we lost most of our viewers.. went through hard times, and decided to come back.. we have several new videos.. that are amazing yet nobody watches them. It sucks.. Nobody even comments on my forums when I ask for advice... maybe i should just give up.. I got 0 support man, the subscribers...
  2. Jimmy44

    who wants to collaborate with me and Exploring and going on an adventure

    Hi my name is Jimmy a small YouTuber and The three videos I made on YouTube or not that good to me and Why I want to collaborate with Somebody and Exploring abandoned houses and abandoned places and Ghost Adventures and haunted videos And go travelling Adventure Time and I live in Michigan...
  3. Chicken Tendies

    A problem I have been having

    So I have been doing Youtube for over a year now and I only have 54 subs. I have advertised myself all over the place; YTtalk, Facebook, Reddit, instagram and Discord servers and nobody is subscribing. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been reviewed on this cite multiple times and the...
  4. Zacklovesbooks

    Are these ideas possible to do ?

    On, my channel i haven't been active . So, i jot down some ideas. I know some of them are possible but others not so much .like game development , gaming videos are possible But i need to know is it possible to do videos where you are reading books ( chapter by chapter ) and when you finished ...
  5. Its Ryan

    Review my channel please!!

    Hey guys can any of you guys just look over my channel? I'm a gaming channel that does funny moments. to me its not that great but id like to you know your opinion on my channel. Here is a video that I did recently.
  6. Subjectz

    Please I need advice.

    Ok so I've had my channel for over 2 months. Ive been on youtube for over 6 Years. I make good content and I upload on a daily basis, sometimes constantly. I REALLY enjoy recording and speaking to viewers and growing with them from the beginning. I have 31 subscribers, only 31. My friends share...
  7. T

    Need help with my audio worflow

    Hi, I have currently nearly finished my first ever video with premiere pro (cc2014) but I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my audio. I watched a lot of tutorial but none explain me what workflow i must follow as a beginner. I heard about normalizer, EQ, vocal enhancement effect, band...
  8. Rendevouz

    Ideas Please?

    I've been having a hard time what to commentate about. I don't know what to or any ideas for a video. I don't do gaming since my mic is broken so whenever I type my laptop mic gets that noise and it's very annoying. Please Please help me.
  9. Rendevouz

    Rate my Channel?

    Hey guys. If you are reading this I just wanted to get some feedback of my channel. I just want to know how I can improve my videos, thumbnails, Channel Art, and all that kind of stuff. You guys who are reading this, feel free to check out my channel to see what kid of content I have and rate...
  10. Moses Minchuk

    I try putting in channel name but it says channel doesn't exist?

    I have been trying all day but I just can't get my channel name in my description please help!