1080P webcam with decent built in mic?


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Hi YouTubers,

I have a Youtube channel for my writing business in which I share a few tips and thoughts for my clients.

The videos really aren't fancy. Just me speaking into a camera - vlogs basically. But they're nice resources to be able to share on LinkedIn and embed in newsletters.

My current "stack" is a fairly decent Logitech 1080P HD camera (C930). But the built in mic isn't great so I use an over the head Logitech headset for capturing audio.

The setup makes me look like a tech support person or something! So I'm wondering whether there are any webcams on the market that are known for having excellent mics?

Thanks for any recommendations!
nope - cameras don't have excellent mic in general let alone webcams. Get a nice shotgun microphone if you don't want the mic in the shot. Cheap end there's the Rhode Video Mic (not sure if it will work going into a computer without an adapter. If you don't care if the mic is in the shot get a lav mic that you can attach to your shirt like a cheap-o audio techinca mic or a mic arm mounted microphone like a Blue Yeti (i think)...

I use the Zoom H6 to record audio on a microphone arm to get it as close as possible.
I own a Video Mic Pro as well that I bought maybe in 2014? but only use when I'm running around.
If you are pretty happy with your camera I would suggest either the shotgun mic, or a lavalier mic (the lavalier is probably cheaper). I run the wire up my shirt and clip the mic one button down from my collar. If I do not want it to show (usually because of the dead cat) I clip it inside my shirt.
btw if you didn't already know, a dead cat isn't referring to a dead animal. A dead cat in this case is referring to a windscreen. It's a piece of synthetic fur audio people put on microphones to cut down on wind noise along with vocal plosives and fricatives.
technically you won't need it if you are indoors since there is no wind (hopefully) and you also shouldn't need it if you are using a lav since you won't be talking directly into the microphone, but it doesn't hurt. The only real time you need a dead cat on a lav is if you are outside or if you are speaking directly into it like a hand held microphone. (actually
they're other reasons too but that's the basic of it)

A cheap Lavalier mic like the Boya BY-M1 Pro will do - just needs a headphone in or a AUX/USB adapter.
It gets many good reviews on youtube, so less than 20US$ for someting good