audio help

  1. veronica33067

    Importing audio into Windows Movie Maker

    Ok guys, :maddened: I am working on a new monologue. I want to change it up a bit. I imported the video into Windows Movie Maker. However, I want to add some sound effects to certain parts of the video. I imported the audio clips that I downloaded from The clips imported just fine...
  2. SinfulFox

    PS4 Gameplay Vids Are Suddenly Near-Silent on YouTube??

    I've been recording and uploading gameplay videos for the past few days (trying to cash in on the hype behind the new South Park game) and I've never had any issues of audio quality with PS4 videos in the past. I don't use any other software, these videos are shared straight from the PS4 to my...
  3. A

    Questions: Face Detection, Audio and Background

    Really, really need some help! :eek: I've got a new studio setup and I'm doing some test videos to get out the kinks for the future real video shooting. I've got a key light (with softbox) on the left side, a fill light on the right and another one lighting the backdrop. With the dimensions of...
  4. Busu Gamers

    Channel Opening ! Need some feed back <3

    Hey guys ! New to the community here. Me and a friend of mine started to work on a youtube channel for the past week to finish our channels Intro, channel design and overall look. I think we finally came to the point where we were pretty happy on how everything turned out. TODAY we decided...
  5. CramBeats

    0$ Tip for Better Audio Quality (Not for live recordings)

    Thats just a small tip from my side about getting a better microphone quality without upgrading your microphone or buying anything at all. But this tip is only for people who read a script for example or talk with notes.While recording live or playing or something like that it's not very...
  6. Dweros

    Audio feedback

    We changed up how we record our audio. I was hoping to get some feed back on it. Feel free to chime in on anything else as well but mainly concerned with the audio. Be gentle, thanks :)
  7. DZaw

    Velocity of a clip

    Hey I just started editing gaming videos and I've been trying to figure out how to make some clips slow motion and then speed up fast. Every time I fiddle with the clip the audio always messes up. Any advice?
  8. A

    Question About recording

    i have a gaming channel that i do with my older brother and we sometimes both have problems when we do video together specifically audio issues. we do not live in the same city so we need to rely on chat services like google hangout and Skype to record our videos. Skype is out of the question...
  9. Michael

    Pop Filter Alternative For Plosives?

    Does anyone know of anything you can use instead of a pop filter and their alternatives? Preferable something easy and small perhaps? Any ideas? Thank you.