audio for video

  1. veronica33067

    Importing audio into Windows Movie Maker

    Ok guys, :maddened: I am working on a new monologue. I want to change it up a bit. I imported the video into Windows Movie Maker. However, I want to add some sound effects to certain parts of the video. I imported the audio clips that I downloaded from The clips imported just fine...
  2. A

    Questions: Face Detection, Audio and Background

    Really, really need some help! :eek: I've got a new studio setup and I'm doing some test videos to get out the kinks for the future real video shooting. I've got a key light (with softbox) on the left side, a fill light on the right and another one lighting the backdrop. With the dimensions of...
  3. fadder8

    Audio for Video - What you need to know & What you need to do

    This is a series dedicated to educating YouTubers on how to deliver great quality audio in their videos. The series consists of the 4 major audio setups for video, picking the right microphone, picking the right field recorder or audio interface, and the final touches in post production. The 4...