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  1. S

    Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

    Social Media Video Marketing Strategy How to master video marketing on social media? * Social media has made video marketing more popular than ever. Videos allow brands to have a stronger and more personal impact than with text or images,while providing audiences with the...
  2. LandyVlad

    Social media promotion of YT channel - added workload.

    When it comes to "brand presence" (channel recognition) one area to look at is having your 'brand' across multiple social media platforms. The trap here, though, is that you must then keep up regular postings on each of those social media channels as well, to keep and build that audience...
  3. Sleepingbutterfly

    Marketing for YouTubers

    Marketing is a very big part of becoming a great YouTuber besides the quality of your videos. However, it ain’t very easy for a beginner turning into a social media giant. So, what are you best tips for Instagram, Twitter & co without being the annoying kid next door everyone hates?
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    9 BEST Places To Share YouTube Videos for Views and Subscribers

    Looking for the BEST Places to share your YouTube Video? Promote Youtube videos to get more views. YouTube promotion is simple as sharing your videos on social media like TikTok, facebook, Instagram forums and blogs. This will help you grow your youtube channel, promoting your channel to get...
  5. OndaWire

    Fast Wireless Charger -New Ondawire tech line

    Here is the new review on the very 1st "ONDAWIRE" designed tech gadget! Excited! This will only be sold on the ondawire website. I personally designed this and the reviews I am getting are awesome! Let the FUN begin!
  6. OndaWire

    Welcome to OndaWire -home of tech and deals

    Welcome to Ondawire -home of the best tech and deals Here's the new trailer showcasing what my channel is all about!‬ From unfiltered tech reviews, discounted deals on your favorite electronics, and my very own exclusive "Ondawire" tech lin Subscribe and join the fun today or head over to the...
  7. V

    [LOCKED] want to be featured on a facebook page with 800k followers?

    First of all, I am demanding no money from you! Hi there, So I have a Facebook page with 800k followers that went kind of viral with a library of random videos and I am currently just a bit busy posting and searching for content all the time. If you think you have an interesting video or...
  8. DLA

    Vlog Paid Work! We need a vlogger to give up social media for 5 days and film it for an educational video

    Hi Everyone! We’re in search of a vlogger who’s willing to give up social media for 5 days and vlog about it! We are Digital Learning Associates and we work with a range of YouTubers and filmmakers and pay to license their content for short educational videos for English language...
  9. T

    Social Media - how do you use yours?

    I'm curious to see how those who have been relatively successful use their social media - like Twitter and Instagram. Are you strictly promotional? Do you use it like everyone else? Do you interact with other people with similar interest? Do you just follow the big guys and reply on their...
  10. J

    Looking for YouTubers with under 20,000 subscriptions

    Hey! I'm the co founder of Horizon X Media. We're a social media company that helps individuals and small businesses. We're looking for smaller YouTube channels interested in help and feedback. We overall aim to help you grow your channel and fanbase, better interact with your subscribers, and...
  11. BrettTaylorYT

    Promoting on social media?

    What social Media Sites have you promoted your channel on? Which ones have been successful? I haven’t tried any yet but I’m in the process of trying to promote in Tumblr. But I’m not sure. Which have been successful or not so much for you?
  12. musikking

    Instagram Follow Me On Instagram...awesome content including great music and occasional giveaways

    Please Check out my page and follow You can find my page at:
  13. kevinboston7

    How do I get subscribers to follow my social medias

    Hey I'm just wondering what I can do to get my new and old subscribers to follow my social medias I have Instagram and Twitter and I would like to get more people from my YouTube channel on there so that I can push out videos more so what can I do on my YouTube channel to get people to follow my...
  14. L

    Services Hosting Giveaway | Social Media Custom Animated Buttons

    Hey everyone! I will be making free Social Media Buttons, in whatever style they want it animated, colour scheme etc. Just visit my YouTube Channel, LordSplash, go to my newest video, go to the description, and join the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks! If you need a free Intro, just fill out the...
  15. Mark Stise

    It's nice to be able to watch your channel grow!

    Hello everyone: I've only been on YTTALK for about a month now give or take a week or so. And I've seem and read a lot of ideas on how to grow your channel. With my Star Wars Clone Wars channel is was pretty simple make music videos using Clone Wars footage. I quickly began to grow a fan base...
  16. Yachts For Sale

    How to use social media to grow your youtube channel

    I see a lot of posts on this forum asking about how to use various social media platforms to get more subscribers, and I usually answer that people are not on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc because they want to subscribe to a youtube channel...they go to YouTube for that. Each platform should...
  17. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Measure ROI With Social Media - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (9/10)

    How To Measure ROI With Social Media - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (9/10) // Measuring Social Media ROI is very important in understanding what is working, what you need to improve on or what you can rely on to get you traffic. Return on Investment (ROI) can help you reinvest in more...
  18. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Started On LinkedIn - Social Media For Beginners (8/10)

    How To Get Started On LinkedIn - Social Media For Beginners (8/10) // LinkedIn for Beginners - LinkedIn is Facebook but for business contacts. LInkedIn is a great place to network, show off your business, learn from the groups and grow. Today we talk about How To Get Started On LinkedIn...
  19. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Change To The News Feed That Hurts Business Pages

    If you have a Facebook Business Page of any kind you NEED to watch this video! Facebook announced a major News Feed change that is going to impact your business page. What does this mean for you and your Facebook marketing? I go over this change and some tips to help you still utilize Facebook...
  20. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    13 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Social Media in 2018 - Social Media Podcast

    Social Media in 2018 is predicted to have many changes and things to pay attention to like Generation Z, VR and Augmented Reality. While I think most of it is irrelevant to the everyday business (like yours) there are still things you should plan to do to help your social media in 2018. On this...
  21. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Started On Twitter - Social Media For Beginners (6/9)

    How To Get Started On Twitter - Social Media For Beginners (6/9) // Twitter for Beginners as part of Social Media for Beginners 2018. Twitter is the young audiences social network. If Facebook is the dominant older brother, then twitter is his smarter younger sister. Twitter is a smaller Social...
  22. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Use Hashtags & Why - Desiree Martinez

    Hashtags are now a common part of our everyday life on social media, but how should you be using them for your business? And why? In this video, I answer a viewer's question about hashtags. Follow All-In-One Social Media here:
  23. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Desiree Martinez

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Social media can be a minefield of to dos and what not to dos. So you help you get started make sure you have down your ground work here are 7 Tips To Get You Started On Social Media Marketing. Subscribe For Regular Marketing...
  24. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    What Social Media Platforms Should I Use? - Social Media For Beginners (4/7)

    What Social Media Platforms Should I Use? - Social Media For Beginners (4/7) // There is a wide range of social media platforms these days and that can be confusing. How do you know what social media platform I should use? It may be best to start with what you know and add to that base as you...
  25. The Matt Diaries

    What Social Media Sites Are You Using?

    Apart from the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Are there other outlets you guys use?
  26. T

    Twitter analytics, do you use it?

    Just found out about this cool little feature recently. It's sort of neat to see how your interactions with others and stuff gets recognized, and the numbers behind it. If you feel comfortable sharing here, give us an idea of what your numbers look like!
  27. IVY

    Social media to promote on?

    I've heard that promoting your vids on social media is an important factor of youtube. but my question is what websites to promote your vids or channel on. And how do you do to not appear as spam to the social media users. How often would you promote your videos. And apart from your content what...
  28. M

    How much focus do you put into social media?

    Hey YouTubers, So I’m wondering how important is social media as a youtuber? When I first started I was putting all my focus on my Instagram and Twitter and trying hard to post every day and sometimes it would take away from my focus when it came to actually creating my videos. Lately, I’ve...
  29. The Matt Diaries


    What is people's opinion on Instagram as a platform to share your YouTube content? I've experimented with posting the video thumbnail to Instagram or a short trailer but when you link the video in the description you can't click into it.
  30. Your Buddy Gas

    Which social media should I use to promote my video's

    Hey guys I heard reddit and Twitter are some good platforms to promote my channel. I'm planning on making an Instagram account for my YouTube channel. And also which groups or hashtags are good for promoting my channel? Edit: I've already shared my channel to friends on Facebook, so that...