Social Media - how do you use yours?

I'm curious to see how those who have been relatively successful use their social media - like Twitter and Instagram.

Are you strictly promotional? Do you use it like everyone else? Do you interact with other people with similar interest? Do you just follow the big guys and reply on their stuff?

Who do you follow?
i tried instragram a couple month ago.. I don't understand why its a thing! 100% of people followed me unfollowed a couple days later because I didn't follow them back. Its completely follow4follow.. whats the point?? Its just for people that need fake self affirmation. I very quickly decided I don't like it and deleted all my pics.

One of the thing I like about Youtube is you can't cheat the system. It's genuine. And if you do sub for sub you don't benefit anyway.

Twitter I think is similar to instathingy but twitter is vital for real news while it's still allowed- otherwise you only get bias from older news media.
Social media seem to work if
A. You already have a follower base
B. You present something interesting or entertaining
C. You pay for folowers and so

Overcrowded and TBH the best content in the world...

...will be overrided for...

.... a duckface showing some b**bs

:p :D
Do you use it like everyone else? Do you interact with other people with similar interest?
This would be the right way to use Twitter IMO but I only use it to promote videos. I dont fully understand twitter and how to use it so it is only like a kind of reminder to my followers when I upload a new video. I might the delete it now I got the YT comunity tab (that basicly does the same thing). I will stick to YT, that´s for sure:)
Don't know why Instagram is a thing either... :p

I use Facebook and Twitter. I interact on both of them, as well as promote. I think if you just promote, people don't have a connection with you. Establish the connection so when you do promote, they are more likely going to check out your videos.
I can't stand social media and honestly, don't use it. I have accounts on Twitter and Facebook, I have a page on Facebook for my channel, but I honestly never look at them. They auto-post my videos but that's all.