Marketing for YouTubers

Marketing is a very big part of becoming a great YouTuber besides the quality of your videos. However, it ain’t very easy for a beginner turning into a social media giant. So, what are you best tips for Instagram, Twitter & co without being the annoying kid next door everyone hates?
For me, I realized that my Twitter friends and Instagram followers don't really care that I promote myself. They either check it out or they don't. If you want, you can and should use hashtags to your advantage so your posts can be found by strangers and other content creators. People only really start to take issue when you're responding to other people's posts with the infamous "check out my SoundCloud" type of message. Good luck!
You'll have to spent an equal or greater amount of time on marketing. I know I hate this too but it is confirmed in several books. One thing I recommend is re-purposing your content to other platforms under your niche. Example: video to article, video to podcast. Another thing is posting your video on other platforms like dtube. Everything else will be more difficult
marketing is the way to introduce your product and service information to the others and now if you want to be a successful youtuber than you need to focuse on some points like. Learn about your audience, Research your competition, Learn from your favorite channels, Optimize your videos for SEO to get views,Upload and schedule your videos, Optimize your channel to attract followers, Try YouTube advertising,Try working with an influence r, Analyze and adapt
Well, I'd say luck works better although not that consistent. If you are unknown than no marketing will be able to help you.
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