1. Sleepingbutterfly

    Marketing for YouTubers

    Marketing is a very big part of becoming a great YouTuber besides the quality of your videos. However, it ain’t very easy for a beginner turning into a social media giant. So, what are you best tips for Instagram, Twitter & co without being the annoying kid next door everyone hates?
  2. Dave2017

    Social conditioning makes you sick

    Just a short animation about why you should try to be true to yourself:up2:
  3. IVY

    Social media to promote on?

    I've heard that promoting your vids on social media is an important factor of youtube. but my question is what websites to promote your vids or channel on. And how do you do to not appear as spam to the social media users. How often would you promote your videos. And apart from your content what...
  4. Justin West

    How to Build an Email List from YouTube

    The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. Building an email list from YouTube is like planting a tree--it doesn’t start growing until you plant it, and once it grows it can give you value for life. You must have heard it before--”start an email list” or “build...
  5. Nicholas Thing

    Begining with media or not

    I've been only uploading for a month now with almost every week a video. I have a current subscribercount of 4. My question is: Is it good to start straight away with all the media and stuff or should I start when my channel is bigger? I've already made a Facebookpage for my channel to give...
  6. M

    YT social media separate from personal?

    Hey guys, so eversince I created my channel (health and fitness) I have been using my personal Instagram as my channel account. I did create a separate Twitter account just because on Twitter I do post a few things that are more personal and I've always used it more to chat and have fun with...
  7. M

    Is Google Plus a plus?

    Hey everyone, I've been using Instagram and twitter as my main social media platforms and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Google+ ... since it's pretty much linked directly to youtube, do you think it's the right move to create a G+ profile? Is it worth it, and if so how exactly would...
  8. Joshwarrior


    Joshwarrior is looking for more members in his friend group. It sounds like he has no friends but he does. We already have quite a few members. However we are looking for more to participate in PC and possible PS4 gaming. The main form of communication is Discord or Skype for PC and Party Chat...
  9. A

    Should I have 2 accounts of every social media platform?

    Hi. I have a question in terms of social media. Currently I have Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Those are my most used social media plat forms. These social media accounts are the ones I use for youtube means my subscribers are following and family as well. I just post there about my life and...
  10. J

    Is Social Media Killing Us? - 1K Views in 24 Hours!

    Here's My latest Upload! UPDATE: Whoa, this video has performed really well on my channel. It got 1000 views in 24 hours, which is huge for a channel my size. I uploaded it fairly late, and put it in a few subreddits, and on r/videos it performed fairly well!
  11. Pedroseph

    Why Do YouTube and How To Be Successful.

    There are a lot of people out there from all over the world that want to start a YouTube channel. From my experience it seems that a proportion of these people that WANT to start a YouTube channel, don't. This is simply because they face confidence issues or are worried that others will...
  12. JRuncie

    Understanding SocialBlade

    Hey all, I've been using social blade to track projections, views, estimated earnings etc. I like it as a 10k mile view status. That being said I am still trying to wrap my mind around how the rankings work. How do you distinguish between a C, a C+ a D, or an A? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  13. gerard loughran

    Fav Social Media To Promote Your Channel

    Facebook, Twitter, or anything else? Which is your favourite platform to use to share your channel with and why? I haven't got a Twitter for my channel so I need to start one.
  14. T

    Youtube Channel from around the world!

    Hi there! My name is Hadi, I'm 15, and I'm looking to start a Youtube channel with people from all around the world! It doesn't matter where you are, your age, or anything! (As long as you try not to murder me or anything xD). I'm saying, why not a group? I'm looking for up to 5...
  15. KeniisuYT

    How To Market Your Social Media?

    How should I market a Social Media account to my followers and subscribers to perhaps build a sense of community and allow for my fans to be constantly updated with knowledge on what's happening Behind The Scenes with the channel. I have 150+ Subscribers and from my knowledge my public Twitter...
  16. S.A.D

    I am no good at these fourms

    There I said it.these forums are meant as a social interaction and are a very good idea. The problem is I don't quite see myself as a social person. As a new youtuber, I have been making and uploading videos, but in all honestly I haven't the foggiest notion on the social aspects of youtube and...
  17. the self made nerd

    tricks politicians use

    Every wonder why all politicians seem to lie, deceit, and can speak for hours without saying anything? well find out by watching
  18. Christevieez

    What's the Meanest & Kindest things a person said to you ?!

    What's the meanest and kindest things a person said to you??!! My meanest was like: ohh you'll never be successful because of who you are!!so stop wasting your time... My kindest was like: Its okay BE who you wanted to BE and people'll like you just like i do ! ^^ Share yours and see if some...
  19. Zach S.

    How to Gain More Views Easily with YouTube || SocialBlade

    Today I show you guys a website I came across called SocialBlade. SocialBlade is a website that keeps track of your analytics for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. It can also be a place to have one of your videos featured on their website. It is what brought my Evil iPhone video to over 330...
  20. OfficialJCEtv

    Meet Up/Gathering EPIC YOUTUBE MEETUP! - Saturday 24th October

    Yo guys! Wasn't to sure where to post this on the site, but the title of the Forum 'Chat, Gossip' made this the most relevant. (In my head anyway haha) Not going to make this Thread to long so I'll just right to it! :) 24th October @ 11am, St Philips Cathedral aka Pigeon Park, Birmingham...