What's the Meanest & Kindest things a person said to you ?!

What's the meanest and kindest things a person said to you??!!
My meanest was like: ohh you'll never be successful because of who you are!!so stop wasting your time...
My kindest was like: Its okay BE who you wanted to BE and people'll like you just like i do ! ^^
Share yours and see if some of you might have the same thing ^^
Worst I've had on Youtube so far was "this music is sh*t" it was on a gameplay and the music was just some generic none copyrighted music

Best so far is, "you should atleast have 10k sub dude, hope u blow up soon" the fact there is no spam after it is what makes it so good. I know a lot of people get these but it was my first proper time getting it so made my day
Yea ! i hope nothing thats bad will get to you guys and personally bad comments makes you learn from them haha so sometime is like wooo bad comments lol i love it !!!!
My meanest was something like this: This video sucks
My kinest was something like this: Wow, that's a really nice video, keep up the good work!

Then again, I've only been on youtube for 5 days or so, so there aren't that many comments yet haha xD I bet the really mean ones are still coming - but I hope there will also be some nice ones.
The meanest was something very racist about me being a Chinese emperor or something and how my accent was really messed up and I should quit now, etc.

The nicest thing had to be a tie between someone commenting that one of my videos was so helpful that it made them cry tears of joy and another person saying that one day they will meet me and they swear by it :D
You can say almost anything to me and it rolls right off for the most part. I hate seeing people say something negative about my fiancee though. She doesn't want to be a Youtube hit and only participates because she loves me. Sometimes I lose my cool with those people.

The nicest thing anyone has ever said to me is completely NSFW.
I feel exactly the same guys haha as you can see i don't look white or anything lol so of course the racist comments has to come once a while lol but i'm okay with it but if someone joke about my gf id be like uhh ehhh but its the society and the community so i'm not taking it personal haha and so is she :) and thank you guys for the replies !!! you guys are the best :p