I am no good at these fourms


Loving YTtalk
There I said it.these forums are meant as a social interaction and are a very good idea. The problem is I don't quite see myself as a social person. As a new youtuber, I have been making and uploading videos, but in all honestly I haven't the foggiest notion on the social aspects of youtube and how essential they actually are. I do comment whenever some one comments on a video and I do use twitter and to a lesser extent google+ but I just cant seem to mange these forum sites, at least well enough.
I'm not a very social person myself and sometimes i say something here and ppl misunderstand it and then i have to explain myself but i don't want to but if i don't then they think i bitched out or something. But really i'm just having fun here. Commenting and throwing gifs around. It can be fun[DOUBLEPOST=1466372656,1466372611][/DOUBLEPOST]And i've been on this forum for 3 years
Luckily, you don't need to be a social person two be on a forum! If you just read the things people post and then write what you think about the post, that's all that's necessary.

I find the Introductions and Milestones forums the easiest to start with. It's very simple to just give someone a "congratulations!" or a welcome. You don't have to be wordy, just kind and open. Then you'll get to know people and can take it from there, if you'd like.
I think the only way to practice any type of social skills, whether it be real interaction or online, is to practice and then learn from your mistakes. I feel like my real life social skills have improved greatly from this proactive mindset and I imagine it applies online as well.
It's tricky but I try hopefully, like everyone here is saying i will get better at it, only time will tell