Should I have 2 accounts of every social media platform?

Should I have 2 accounts in every social media platform?

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Abdulla Alishaq

I've Got It
Hi. I have a question in terms of social media. Currently I have Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Those are my most used social media plat forms. These social media accounts are the ones I use for youtube means my subscribers are following and family as well. I just post there about my life and fun things where my family and subscribers are watching and seeing it. The main problem is that in YouTube I post mobile gaming videos and commentating in English, and my Frist language since I am from Qatar is Arabic. I sometimes want to post in social media in Arabic so my friends and family although some know English. Should I make/have 2 accounts for every social media platform(One for YouTube Subscribers in English, and one for Family & Friends in Arabic)? Or just everytime I want to post soemthing I just write in both languages Arabic & English?
Personally I find it difficult for me to run multiple accounts, I have three Instagram one personal, a plushie account, and a Disney photos one and I barely post on the other two. I find it annoying to log in and out of twitter and Tumblr sometimes.
My suggestion is posting your video or whatever in English then in parentheses in Arabic a lot of youtubers do that who are bilingual. But whatever's easier for you my dude :)