1. P

    What would you do with 443 million audience worldwide?

    I came across a platform where I could get all the audience I needed. I couldn't keep calm unless I shared I with you guys. See for yourself and check it out:
  2. A

    Easy to Earn Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hello Everyone, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks...
  3. A

    Make Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos

    Hi Guys, I was worried about my YouTube Channels and Views. I need more YouTube views in minimum time. I asked my friend and he recommended me this E-Book (How to Get 10K Real YouTube Views in a Week) Has Anyone Read it? Is it Good? In this E-Book, I get to know some tricks, strategies, and...
  4. C

    marketing books y'all recommend?

    So I've been reading some marketing books, and I wanted to ask the community if y'all recommend any other marketing books.
  5. Sleepingbutterfly

    Marketing for YouTubers

    Marketing is a very big part of becoming a great YouTuber besides the quality of your videos. However, it ain’t very easy for a beginner turning into a social media giant. So, what are you best tips for Instagram, Twitter & co without being the annoying kid next door everyone hates?
  6. itisALLAN

    Is Organic Growth Within the YouTube Ecosystem Dead?

    Hey guys, I've been reading and listening to a ton about growing a YouTube channel in 2020 and one of the common themes that come up is posting and sharing your content across your Social channels. I am curious to get the YTTalk community's take on whether or not you think it is possible to...
  7. C

    Is it worth to promote with Google Adwords?

    Hey there! I have a small monetized gaming channel, and was wondering if it would be worth it to promote my trailer with Adwords. (Google Ads nowadays) I did this long time ago and it worked well actually. I was able to rise from 200 subscribers to 4000 in two weeks. I was able to convert 5$...
  8. 2desitravelers

    Does Featured Channel list help in SEO ?

    Hi fellow youtubers, I am trying to see the impact of adding my channel to some one else's youtube channel featured list. Do you know if it will help in my channel 2desitraveles growth ? Have you guys tried it ? If not let me know if your channel is into traveling then we can add each other...
  9. A

    Hello! I was looking for a channel review and just started!

    Hi guys!, I was looking for how my channel could have a better SEO because it has been hard looking at the online videos for get good tips! Because my videos are about comedy, its not very informational so I'm not sure how toe brand my videos! I did follow some video tips about SEO and branding...
  10. A

    How do you guys brand and market your videos!

    Hi! I recently just joined youtube and a comedy channel! I would like to know how some of you share, brand and market your videos! I will be responding back to each comment personally! Hope to hear from you guys soon!
  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    13 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Social Media in 2018 - Social Media Podcast

    Social Media in 2018 is predicted to have many changes and things to pay attention to like Generation Z, VR and Augmented Reality. While I think most of it is irrelevant to the everyday business (like yours) there are still things you should plan to do to help your social media in 2018. On this...
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Use Hashtags & Why - Desiree Martinez

    Hashtags are now a common part of our everyday life on social media, but how should you be using them for your business? And why? In this video, I answer a viewer's question about hashtags. Follow All-In-One Social Media here:
  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Desiree Martinez

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Social media can be a minefield of to dos and what not to dos. So you help you get started make sure you have down your ground work here are 7 Tips To Get You Started On Social Media Marketing. Subscribe For Regular Marketing...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    What Social Media Platforms Should I Use? - Social Media For Beginners (4/7)

    What Social Media Platforms Should I Use? - Social Media For Beginners (4/7) // There is a wide range of social media platforms these days and that can be confusing. How do you know what social media platform I should use? It may be best to start with what you know and add to that base as you...
  15. The Matt Diaries

    What Social Media Sites Are You Using?

    Apart from the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Are there other outlets you guys use?
  16. Justin West

    How to Build an Email List from YouTube

    The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. Building an email list from YouTube is like planting a tree--it doesn’t start growing until you plant it, and once it grows it can give you value for life. You must have heard it before--”start an email list” or “build...
  17. NoahScott

    Other Starting collaborations with entrepreneurs or business and marketing channels

    Hello fellow creators! Our channel Growth Everywhere is focused on creating awesome content to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We're looking for collaborations in the marketing and business advice category. If you're an entrepreneur or a business coach and have some interesting stories...
  18. Jared Poirier

    Stuck at 40 subs

    Hey guys, I've been making videos on YouTube pretty much every week fir the last six months. My videos have gotten a lot better from a production standpoint and I have narrowed down my subject matter, but can't seem to get new subs. I mainly review movies but sometimes I review comics. Do...
  19. Justin West

    Email lists: Why isn't anyone talking about this?

    I'm assuming most YouTubers on here are working on their channels with the hope or at least thought that maybe, one day, eventually it might be able to make some money. I'm a digital marketer who's currently working with two YouTube channels to create a marketing infrastructure and a real...
  20. Bro D

    Reddit Feedback

    Whats Poppin Everybody. In an effort to do everything I can, and get my gaming and reaction videos everywhere possible I stumbled across Reddit. And I am just curious, what is everyones feedback with doing so? Has it had a positive impact on your views and subscribers? Also, is there any other...
  21. C

    What's Been Your Biggest Difficulty Youtubing So Far?

    Mine is distributing and promoting my content. I fee like it so hard to reach the right people. Curious to see what everyone else's is?
  22. Landen

    Do You Have A Logan Paul Style On-Screen Mask"?

    We have an inevitable tendency to "perform" when we know we are in front of a camera that I call our "on-screen mask". Basically, if we know there is a camera in the room recording, we are bound to act slightly different and become a "performer," even if we try our best not to. One thing I...
  23. Landen

    Is there just too much self-marketing online now?

    These days, everyone is promoting their channel, videos, social medias, etc, arguably to the point where there is over-saturation of self-marketing online. Something I recently wrote down in my notes was to do my best to stay away from the "TAG A FRIEND" or "LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE SO...
  24. Landen

    Theory About Over-Professionalism?

    Hey all, I just recently thought about this. This is a weird thought but I'm creating videos that right off the bat have a ton of editing (music, sound effects, popups, animations, etc). Because my channel is so new, I don't really have a lot of views. I realize things can only improve over...
  25. TBCompilations

    Can You use your YouTube channel as a website for Amazon Affiliates?

    I dont have a separate website, because up keeping them is a hassle, and I don't want the burden of another monthly payment for something I don't use. I recently was brought to the attention of Amazon Affiliates and I think it is perfect for my YouTube channel, to promote things I talk about...
  26. Yachts For Sale

    Great Videos or Great YouTube Channel?

    There are a lot of posts here that discuss the importance of producing good quality videos, and a great deal of posts that address the importance of SEO. Since I started on youtube I have been trying to understand SEO and "tweaking" my channel, and was recently in a position to measure it's...
  27. Jimmajabba

    Help With Promotion Of Monthly Show

    Hey everyone! I'm creating a monthly show on youtube and would love some advice on how to properly promote my content without the need of spamming websites, forums or other youtube videos. The show is about video games (along the lines of what Jontron, PBG, Angry Joe and Jordan Underneath...
  28. 10ACITY

    Niche Market?

    Hey YTtalk members, I'm a dancer on YouTube and so don't have a huge market to make videos for. I love the dance community on YouTube because it is loving, constructive and helpful. It has proven, however, to be very difficult to break into. I've checked out some of the tags the big time...
  29. S

    Are you using CTAs on your channel?

    CTA stands for Call-To-Action for those of you who don't know what it is. It is a strategy that activates immediate response on a website. Basically you are telling the viewer to do something right now in hopes that they will do it immediately in order to benefit your channel in some way. Are...
  30. T

    Advice on Marketing a Channel

    At the start of my youtube channel, like many others, I had an obsolete subscriber count. However, a couple months in, I got extremely lucky, and a large youtuber shouted me out on their channel. However, since then, my subscriber count has stagnated. Does anybody have any advice on bringing...