Is it worth to promote with Google Adwords?


Jul 25, 2019
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Hey there! I have a small monetized gaming channel, and was wondering if it would be worth it to promote my trailer with Adwords. (Google Ads nowadays)

I did this long time ago and it worked well actually. I was able to rise from 200 subscribers to 4000 in two weeks. I was able to convert 5$ per day to 200-300 subscribers. I haven't used it since cause i ran out of my special offer i had in there, but now since i generate a little bit of income with the channel i have been wondering if i should make a new trailer for the channel and start promoting that again. What i have noticed about promoting with adwords is that promoting a trailer with an "In-Stream Ad" (Skippable ad before videos) seems to be the most effective way to convert ad views into subscribers. At least in my case. I tried to promote other videos by including them in the "Suggested" videos on the right side of the video pages but that didn't convert so well.

The reason i could convert so well is probably because my channel is quite unique and it's a channel with high community engagement. Now my question is that should i start doing it again? The subscribers i would gain would be indeed in the niche i target since i can choose the locations the ads are going to be shown. In channels with similar niche for example. Or in my case the same game that the other channels focus on. The subscribers i got weren't the most engaged with the videos i made after that campaign but anyways i was able to get my daily views higher and my organic subscriber growth as well. Since the channel had more authority in peoples eyes with the higher subscriber count. I'm not worried about the low watch time of the video i would get by promoting it since it would be my channel trailer and my goal wouldn't be to get it high in the search rankings. I'm just wondering that would it be better to keep growing organically since that way the subscribers that would come would be lot more engaged? On the other hand i would be able to grow with significantly higher rate with the marketing.

I also have been told that i should try Facebook ads, but i don't think that would convert so well.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Sep 5, 2013
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Moved to the strategy / technique forum. :)

I'd advise you to concentrate your efforts on good content and SEO. :)
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Jan 17, 2017
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No it is not.... Focus on stuff that only cost your time
TubeBuddy Easy to use and install.