1. M

    How much focus do you put into social media?

    Hey YouTubers, So I’m wondering how important is social media as a youtuber? When I first started I was putting all my focus on my Instagram and Twitter and trying hard to post every day and sometimes it would take away from my focus when it came to actually creating my videos. Lately, I’ve...
  2. M

    Low views? Am I posting on the wrong days?

    Hey everyone, So the way my schedule is right now, Fridays are the best time to post for me but I've been noticing lately that my videos aren't getting many views at all, kind of even less than when I first started :O_o2: and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.. (Really hope it's not...
  3. Landen

    Is there just too much self-marketing online now?

    These days, everyone is promoting their channel, videos, social medias, etc, arguably to the point where there is over-saturation of self-marketing online. Something I recently wrote down in my notes was to do my best to stay away from the "TAG A FRIEND" or "LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE SO...
  4. M

    Special video for 100 subs?

    Hey guys! So, I reached 75 subs today (woohoo) and I realized the next 'milestone' is 100, and I got to thinking, how can I celebrate my 100th sub? Question: Did you guys do anything special when you reached 100 subs (or would you, if you haven't reached 100 yet?) for instance, a special...
  5. M

    Thoughts on YouTube Red?

    As a viewer there are many features on YT red that are useful.. but what about as a youtuber? Any advantage to having youtube red as someone who makes videos? is it worth it ?
  6. ZakDTV

    YouTube TV

    Just heard about this. Youtubes answer to sling, Directtv, Hulu, and cable. Looks real good. Do yall think youtube can hang or is this going to fail? Check out Philip Defranco channel for the announcement
  7. L

    Hot Topic .

  8. S.A.D

    What are your thought on Youtube is Over?

    for those who don't know, basically youtube have been cracking down, randomly demonitzing videos of youtubers. (See Philippe DE Franco for more) they are doing this to make youtube more advertiser friendly. I think youtube are well within there rights, but it certainly seems shady how it was...
  9. FatalMisfire

    New Video out! i play as Widowmaker - Overwatch

    Hey Guys, my latest video is up, part of a series where i try out all the overwatch characters, this time it's widowmaker and love it if you guys could go take a look and let me know what you think! Also, if anyone feels like looking at my channel and maybe subscribing or jus letting me know...
  10. Kyra McKinley


    Hey so I'm graduating and I'm having a party and all this Saturday for it in Fresno Ca one message me if interested maybe and two I'm thinking about Vlogging it and all Should I? If I do should I do the entire thing or just a bunch of videos through out it and put them together or?? Just...
  11. K

    Thoughts on Webcams?

    I am ordering a webcam for my videos, what are your opinions on webcams in videos? Do you think it helps your videos get more views? Do you think people enjoy it more? etc.
  12. Banished

    Just changed my thumbnails, thoughts?

    hey just changed some thumbnails and not sure about them. Can anyone have a look at them and tell me what they think? Also some advice on my banner would be rad. Cheers!
  13. Marriagestart

    (For Gamers on youtube)in keeping with the curiousity...?

    I'm curious. i want to hear some real answers here, but still in curiosity. I'm using the community as i hope all of us do for some of these answers and to blather pointless thoughts that rattle around in my head. so here is today's question. As a content creator with the real intent to make...
  14. The Barnes Bros.

    Need Questions and Opinions for Piracy Discussion

    We are currently producing new episodes of our comedy show "Face Rockin'" to be broadcast on Cox 11 and uploaded to YouTube this summer. We are fielding questions and comments for the Q&A segment of the show. This episode's topic is: Piracy. If you have a question and/or comment on the topic...
  15. cadetKei

    Tv Shows (animation)

    An animation about Tv Shows, and how we used to watch them. Features weird jokes, pondering about the 2000's and 5 seconds of Benedict Cucumbersnitches face.
  16. KanesThoughts

    Upping my Daily Vlog Game, can i get some feedback?

    Hey Fam, So Recently i decided to get tickets to vidcon and im Daily Vlogging now as well, they're short, edited videos that go up everyday at 6 AM (gmt) and i would love some feedback on them! thanks and much love! Enjoy!
  17. CubizFIFA

    New Video Editing Style to Keep viewers Watching.

    I make a lot of FIFA 16 Squad Builder videos on my channel, and I was given some advice by a member on YTTalk on how to engage viewers better. He/She told me to play the game highlights with the squad during the video, (instead of at the end) to keep the viewers better engaged and less likely to...
  18. CubizFIFA

    Thoughts on this FIFA 16 edit I made?