Thoughts on YouTube Red?

Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
As a viewer there are many features on YT red that are useful.. but what about as a youtuber? Any advantage to having youtube red as someone who makes videos? is it worth it ?
I wouldn't put much thought on Youtube Red when you're still growing. Let YouTube handle how they will showcase your videos on that platform. Right now, it's essentially only beneficial to those that actually have YouTube Red shows produced by YouTube themselves.
Yeah youtube Red is more for people who have there show funded as a creator, but as a watcher I think is good you get some exclusive stuff tough and well you get to see offline stuff so yeah
YouTube red is going to save you time when watching YouTube videos. No more ads. But I am not bothering with it. This hobby costs enough already, and I have all the content I need in the form of Netflix and Amazon Prime that I really don't need YouTube Red with it as well.
I listen to a lot of youtube while at work, red keeps me from having to pop up my browser and skip an add. Worth it for me.
I took the free trial to see if there was anything special I was missing in terms of exclusive content to watch. So far, I haven't found anything too great.