youtube red

  1. Courtney Candice

    What’s YouTube tv?

    So my grandpa told me about YouTube tv this morning lol he found out about YouTube tv before I did. What exactly is YouTube tv? Is it like YouTube red? All I know is it cost $35 a month. Is it like Netflix? YouTube red is allready like Netflix, so what’s the point in YouTube tv.
  2. KantoGaming

    Channel Look

    I recently changed my youtube design as in my avatar and banner.. I know its bad to change it but I really dont want to change it again after my new one! Anyways if I could get any feedback on if you like the channel art i would appreciate it! Im not sure If i like the avatar with the plain...
  3. stef747

    Does a YouTube Red membership improve your rankings as a creator?

    I'm considering a YouTube Red membership to remove ads from my YT experience, but has anyone out there heard of a correlation between an account with YouTube Red membership and better rankings for that creator's videos? Ie: if a channel owner has a YouTube Red membership, will that channel's...
  4. M

    Thoughts on YouTube Red?

    As a viewer there are many features on YT red that are useful.. but what about as a youtuber? Any advantage to having youtube red as someone who makes videos? is it worth it ?
  5. The NotARubicon!

    Watch Time vs YT RED Watch Time

    I'm curious why Youtube Analytics always separates Youtube RED statistics. Are Youtube Red views somehow more valuable to me? Should I care about how many Red viewers watch or dont watch my videos? When answering please include the source for your information, ie: Per Google/Youtube, based on...
  6. PrimeSyndicate

    Animation Any animators who would like to collab?

    Hello! For quite sometime now, I've been wanting to do an animated YouTube series. I've already came up with ideas for it, and I even have voice actors lined up for a part in it. The only problem is that I don't have an animator to collaborate with. I can do some slight animation, but not a...
  7. Tyhd

    Channing Tatum get YouTube Red Series

    From what I have heard it's going to be a 'Step-Up' series based on the movies he was in. Do you think it will be any good?
  8. J

    How many people have Youtube Red??

    How many of you have Youtube Red? Do you like it? Do you think it will benefit creators? Have you watched any of the premium content? I have Youtube Red and I actually really enjoy it. I think it's great that Youtubers are able to make higher production value content. Unfortunately so far I've...

    Youtube red, Is it a complete failure?

    Hey Not really a technical question but has anyone got a large amount of youtube red views? Ive had probably about 7,000 total views since it launched (I think i'm not quite sure) and legit 17 of them were youtube red. Legit 17/7000 XD. I work that out as 0.243%. I'm a UK based channel so that...
  10. O

    Will you still receive YouTube Red earnings without subscribing?

    If one does not subscribe to YouTube Red/Google Music will that person still earn YouTube Red earnings?
  11. Omeo

    Copyright Claims Under YouTube Red

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone know how the new YouTube Red system changes the rules as far as using copyrighted material? My understanding was that, under the old system, you could use copyrighted material, but if you did, you couldn't monetize the video or the person who owned the copyright...
  12. WilliamRayWalters

    How Youtube Red might result in increased revenue for creators

    Lisa Irby (a very smart internet marketer - just uploaded a video and made a valid point about Youtube Red. She said that it will make solving the problem of adblock a much higher priority since they won't want people essentially getting...
  13. Lightsen

    Share your YT Red analytics

    since the controversial youtube red launched today, I thought it would be interesting to use this thread to post any changes to our analytics as the weeks go buy. they get there first month free, so we are expecting a drop in earnings, lets see if the drop I earnings is significant for November...
  14. babyteeth4

    Are you going to subscribe to YouTube Red?

    Just a quick poll, are you going to subscribe to YouTube Red? I am wondering if content creators are more likely to use Red than the general public.
  15. BeautyLifeGeek

    Hot Topic Youtube Red: A New YouTube Monthly Subscription Service?

    I received an article last night about a new YouTube feature coming up soon (well, technically just an idea) of a monthly subscription service to watch videos ad-free. Article: In my opinion; I look at...