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I received an article last night about a new YouTube feature coming up soon (well, technically just an idea) of a monthly subscription service to watch videos ad-free.

Article: recode.net/2015/09/25/youtube-is-prepping-its-subscription-launch-two-services-one-price

In my opinion; I look at this "ideal service" both good and bad.

Good Aspect: this service would give back to YouTube partners. This service would help boost revenue, and encourage content creators to invest in their videos (equipment, lighting, editing software, etc.).

Bad Aspect: From a Viewer's point of view- Nobody would want to spend money on videos they can watch for free; especially ad-free videos. This would lower video view counts, plus encourage viewers to walk away from your channel. I want my viewers to continue watching my videos WITHOUT the obligation of paying a fee, and vice versa.

So as you can see, this new "YouTube idea" is a double edge sword. It can hurt but help at the same time. What do you think about this article or new "ideal" development?

FYI: I want to make it clear that this is service would be completely optional
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I think they feel the heat of Twitch; they have a similar feature. On Twitch you are kind of cool if you donate or subscribe to a streamer. You show your support, you don't have ads and your name gets shown, giving you a feeling of importance.
As content creators, I think it is very wrong to use Adblock on YouTube, although many people do. I think this may be a legitimate option, especially for people who use mobile or console to view more often then computer. I know I pay extra for Hulu to watch ad free.
MMM... this is interesting.. i haven't heard of this yet.. but Honestly I've always felt like you tubes ad some very tolerable.. and most can be skipped. They are one of the only websites where the ads aren't annoying.
Yes, as Lennart said, they have a similar feature on twitch called "Turbo" for $8.99 a month.
Well, i think it's similar. I'm not really sure how this youtube service works tbh.
I think it's probably a good thing. YouTube is still planning on paying out 45% of revenue. Just now it's 45% of ads and monthly fee revenue. I'm pretty sure they've done some extensive analysis on this and have come to the conclusion it will boost their revenues or help them retain viewers long term. If it's good for Google/YouTube it's probably good for content creators.

And it's pretty standard. Lots of companies have a freemium model where the base service is free and if you want a premium service like ad free you're moved to a small monthly fee.
$8 a month is peanuts to a busy professional who uses YT on a daily basis and watches a lot of videos perhaps as part of his/her job.

I don't think YT is launching this expecting to earn millions of $$ - I think that they have already developed the technology to prevent adblockers from working but before they roll that out, they're providing an alternative in reply to the inevitable backlash from people who would cry about it saying "But I hate ads." It's basically YT saying "Oh if you don't like ads, here's a service without them for $x per month." It's a case of: Watch for free with ads or pay, but don't expect adblockers to carry on working. I'm all for it.