Vlog Giving away a job to become famous on socials


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Hey guys, in few months I will start an incredible adventure. Something like FunforLouis did recently, but I will also be followed by CNN, BBC, Guardian, Fox etc etc. We will reach 2 millions people PER WEEK! We collaborate with GoPro Family members and 500k Instagram accounts.
This is the job offer: We have already our Instagram account and we are a little into the lightroom and Premiere thing, but we will not be able to edit our photos and vlog everyday. We are looking for someone to do it. It's going to be a 1 minute vlog every 3 days and 1 photo per day to edit from home/school or where ever you are. If you are interested contact me, leonardicsr@gmail.com
You will have to edit a photo we choose from our gallery. If you are good you will be in our team and every photo we publish will have your copyright and will be said your names. In just 2 weeks our films/photo were in 5 newspapers and 2 national tv news. I wanted to give this opportunity because it also gives you a trampoline!
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This seems a bit dubious. Can you prove It?[DOUBLEPOST=1512895725,1512895536][/DOUBLEPOST]I googled your name and an Italian forum came up where you said you had just picked up photography and were planning a 3 month trip to Asia, so yea some proof would be great =p
That's old! It's not in Asia! I will prove it only to those who pass our little test. It's like being a pilot of the F1. There are lots of proof you will be able to google when you find out what it is. There are tons of proofs for the media coverage! My name is not shown because I'm pilot of a team. The team is shown! Give it a try, editing a photo takes few minutes. When you email us (before the test) you will find out the "event" name!
Editing is already part of my job, I've never seen companies hide job offers till you complete a task. Good photo editing is a lot more work than 2m, so the burden of proof is on you! I'm sure you're not lying but there's no reason you can't prove what you say is true :)
You know what they say. If it sounds to good to be true. It probably is! I don't see the purpose of posting that kinda of 'job' on here but whatever floats your boat.