1. Adventure Campitelli

    We left our cushy jobs to travel the world

    We left our jobs to travel the world with our children. We are currently on week 8. Do you think this was a mistake or do you agree with our decision? So far our biggest issues has been laundry, internet access, and children education.
  2. BrettTaylorYT

    How do you balance YouTube life with your regular life?

    I want to eventually make YouTube a job. I know that is the dream of many and it’s rarely obtained. I mainly just want to make enough money that I’m able to commit A LOT of time with it and only need to have a small part time job with it. My big question is how do you make the balance work...
  3. Sammy_Ma_Boy

    Request Looking for a catchy theme song for my channel! (Free)

    I am looking for a theme song for my gaming channel called SammyGamingHD! I would want it to be quite classical and be catchy and enjoyable. It would have to be free thought but I will give you lots of credit! For further details contact me at Thank you for reading.
  4. leonardicsr

    Vlog Giving away a job to become famous on socials

    Hey guys, in few months I will start an incredible adventure. Something like FunforLouis did recently, but I will also be followed by CNN, BBC, Guardian, Fox etc etc. We will reach 2 millions people PER WEEK! We collaborate with GoPro Family members and 500k Instagram accounts. This is the job...
  5. alilouk

    Gaming Looking For Gamers For A New Brand!

    Hello guys! My name is Alilouk. I am the CEO and founder of TGW (The gaming warehouse) . TGW is a worldwide gaming team which serves as a safe haven for many gamers and content creators who aspire to become better at what they do. TGW has started off as a Faction on a Minecraft server but is...
  6. ZipZap Music

    Looking for a job?

    Here on ZipZap Music we work with all different kinds of Hip Hop artists and now it's getting to the point where we need help. We have worked with some pretty big named artists and were trying all we can to expand our YouTube fan base. We need a person who can possibly do a radio show or help...
  7. Alex Priim

    Other Hiring LA-based full-time Channel Manager

    Hi YTTalk, I'm working for a company in Culver City, CA that's looking to hire a full-time channel manager to help run their slate of YouTube channels. They're backed by big investors with a very experienced team creating really great entertainment content for the YT community. If you're...
  8. Justoshow

    YouTube and CO-WORKERS?!

    For those that have jobs (Full or Part-time), do your co workers know about your channel? Part of me wants to tell my coworkers, but I'm going to start my vlogging adventure this weekend (I'm excited, I've planned out a structure and ways to be different) and I'm somewhat afraid to let some of...
  9. Ewan (Beatboxer)

    Would you still create videos if you didnt get money from it but had loads of views?

    Many people do youtube for the money but other people do it for passion. I would happily make youtube videos without monitization because i love making videos to make people happy and also because i enjoy making them. What about everybody else??
  10. Sam Wolfie

    Finished/Closed [CLOSED] Banner Designer

    I'm looking for someone who is really good at making banners to make one for my channel. I don't have money but if there is something else I can do for you in return I'll do it
  11. Sam Wolfie

    Short Film Short Film Script Writer Needed!!!!!

    I make short films and I'm asking for someone who is good at writing scripts to message me from Skype. My Skype username is mewwitch. I'm looking for a script that does not contain a lot of characters in it. I will give you credit in the credit section of the short film. Hearing for you as soon...
  12. Cherry Tung

    Other Collab on Job Seeking for College Student!

    Job Searching is important for fresh grads, and the best way to find a fitting career is to start early. I invite you all to collab with me on a video about college job search. It will be an advice video that give out tips on how to write your resume, prepare for job interview, go to meet the...
  13. Talooka


    In this Talooka Talk Box episode we talk about our dream jobs. David tries to make things deep...again This week's question came from @Mason Sheppard Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too!
  14. Elti Meshau

    Services Cheap and Professional GFX!