1. leonardicsr

    Vlog Giving away a job to become famous on socials

    Hey guys, in few months I will start an incredible adventure. Something like FunforLouis did recently, but I will also be followed by CNN, BBC, Guardian, Fox etc etc. We will reach 2 millions people PER WEEK! We collaborate with GoPro Family members and 500k Instagram accounts. This is the job...
  2. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone in New York

    Anyone in New York who would like to create a film crew and shoot short films. All different types of short films. I'm looking for people who are interested in Editing, Audio, lighting, script writing to be in the Crew so in total at least 4 other people not counting myself. We could always...
  3. Courtney Candice

    Softbox or ring light?

    I'm looking into buying lights for my camera , right I'm only using natural lighting and it looks beautiful, but there's a few cons to it like when I need to film and the weather isn't the best so then I can't film a video and In the winter the lighting is going to be terrible. What type of...
  4. javacentral

    Newest video on a Mocha Recipe with changes to audio/lighting

    So I made this neat little mocha where it was pretty straight forward with the recipe (and an idea I wish I thought of sooner!). I changed up the lighting a bit via some angles and added an extra light. I also edited out more background noises since my last video was a bit fuzzy with the audio...
  5. Mattaxol

    NAZI CAMP! | Metro: Last Light (Redux) #3

    Long but enjoyable.. that's what she said...... alright, bad joke, just take a look at the video.. haha
  6. Mattaxol

    TO THE SURFACE - "QUIT LOOKING AT MY a**" | Metro: Last Light (Redux)

    Hi :D This is the second episode of the Metro: Last Light (Redux) series I'm doing, hopefully you can find some enjoyment out of this. Thank you! :)
  7. ItsJustJames

    Do you own a DSLR?

    Hello all, I'd be very interested to hear your DSLR experiences, tips, tricks and secrets you've picked up along the way. DSLR's are a huge market for Youtube and getting the most out of them can be a tricky process. Perhaps we can share burning questions about these cameras and learn together...
  8. AJ Super ToyLand

    Lighting for Product Reviews

    Hi Ya'll, I do product reviews but I find the whole lighting thing difficult. I've got about 4800 lumens over three lamps plus the original room light. However, the video still seems dark. The only thing that works is adjusting the brightness on the camera. The downfall of there though is that...