Instagram Mental Illness has pushed me to Instagram...


I Love YTtalk
I've been trying and trying to get myself motivated enough to come back to my YouTube channel, but there are just some issues that I'm having that are preventing me from having the ability or motivation to be able to- not to mention creating longer content. So I created an Instagram to post "shorts" I guess (some memes too when I feel inspired. lol) I DID have a few ideas that were short-form anyway so this is probably a good place to put my stuff anyway. I'll still be around here, but I thought I'd drop this here in case anyone else had some content- we could check each other out. (NO I'm not saying follow for follow just to be clear, if I like you, I'll follow- I hope you'd do the same.)

TL;DR: Mental Illness sucks, short form content is easier for me to manage right now so I have an Instagram. Hope to see you there! <3 (I also have twitter under the same name if you were so inclined to see what I'm up to- just let me know you're from here!)