1. O

    Offering a free tool to promote your channel while lifting other fellow creators

    Hey all! I build a tool where you can create a simple page of your channel and also recommend other channels on the same page. The idea is to promote yourself while giving back to the community, supporting each other. You can check it out at - I'd love to hear any...
  2. S

    Hi everyone... I'm new here

    Khuda Kahan hai - Beautiful Kalam by Ali Imran (Tone: Same as kalam "Wohi Khuda Hai" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) Must watch and subscribe to the channel... Also plz promot. Thanks
  3. O

    YouTube shorts to promote other channels

    Is this a good idea?
  4. MacroShire

    Quantity vs Promotion

    Which strategy is better to get more views on youtube, producing large number of videos or fewer videos with lots of promotion on forums , blogs etc .. ?
  5. kenziecantdraw

    How to Promote Content that Isn't What You're "Popular" For?

    To sum up my channel a bit: *I've been posting on YouTube since August 2018. *I took a six month break around December, right as my sub count started growing. *I just started posted again about a month ago, but I'm trying to change up my content because I'm not excited about the content that I...
  6. Beautifyinglives

    Looking For Youtube Channel to Promote Our Online Self development Course

    Hello Youtubers, We are, An Online Platform for Self Development Course. We are looking for Youtubers with decent number of Followers to promote Our Online Platform and we can pay Good Percentage of commission for each Signup. More details will given upon contact. So...
  7. V

    Youtube suggests unlisted videos to other people.

    Hello. Recently I uploaded a very scandalous interview recording to youtube and set it to "unlisted" for a very small number of people to see. (22 people ended up seeing this video) Soon I found out from my friends, (who never received my unlisted interview link) that this interview video was...
  8. AaronSonyi

    Posting on Reddit

    I don't wanna just promote myself on reddit in any random section and p**s everyone off. I've seen threads on here suggesting,"go to a gaming subreddit and promote there." But, my vids aren't really specific. They're reaction/review/roasty about stuff on Instagram, buzzfeed, and what not...
  9. Rushy

    A Brand New way of doing Collabs. This will help you grow!

    Hey Guys! Have you heard of Collabean? This is a new concept that was created recently, that aims to help content creators grow by a form of Community giveaway! The concept is super simple, instead of you creating a solo giveaway of let's say 10$, you will be placed with other content creators...
  10. Peekop

    What do you do to reach more people ??

    I've been on YouTube for many years now and have never quite made it anywhere. I've constantly attempted to promote my channel through various platforms recommended to me and have never really found any success. Therefore what do you guys do to try and branch out and show off your channel ??
  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Promote Your YouTube Channel for FREE

  12. Khantastic

    Promotion questions..

    Hi guys so I have a small channel about 24 subs. I actually wanted wanted to ask a couple of questions. For anyone who has used either YouTube ads or Facebook ads or preferably both 1. What kind of conversion rates did you see for example from your new fan page likes to YouTube subs or new subs...
  13. earnwithronny

    Strategies to promote you tube channel

    Hello everyone! I have been doing youtube for years, ( as a side , just for fun) I am inspired by all the famous youtubers rice gum, vitaly, and other successful youtubers. Recently i have been taking it more serious (2.5k views) I currently have a channel dedicated to ways to make money online...
  14. Tomc3

    Having a YouTube music channel

    Hello guys ;), A week ago i had an idea to create a new music channel (only English rap music) for YouTube, from the day i created channel i uploaded a new video every day, now i have 9 videos uploaded (0 subscribers ; 158 views), but is it worth it? why don't i get any subscribers? how to...
  15. SupWithT

    First Video on the channel and more to come!

    So first off I wanna say thanks to all the people here that made me feel welcome and gave me good advice with my first video and I wanna give a shoutout to my co commentator (Nin10Doe14 on Youtube) for helping me out. I wanna share this video and promote to others so I can continue to get...
  16. TheFishBowl

    Anybody use T-shirts to promote?

    I guess this is the best place for this post... was wondering if anybody bought T-shirts and used their logo to promote your channel? Also, what company did you use to do so? I've ordered business cards, they were fairly cheap, just to see if they work, but it would be neat to have a few shirts...
  17. YaBoiiClark

    Great way to promote your channel

    Hey y'all! A great way to promote your channel is by talking to people on Omegle or Chatroulette. I just got 5 new subscribers within the last hour and a half! Be energetic and fun to talk to!
  18. MacGotSklz

    How to Promote yourself?

    Hey guys I was wondering if there are any tips you guys have when it comes to promoting yourself even more on youtube and how to get the ball rolling when it comes to growing a fan base.
  19. V

    Interest in promoting youtubers?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking at this site and I have seen that a lot of youtubers really look for a way to become more popular. I was thinking would you be interested in a website that would promote you in some way? And if so, how would you like to be promoted? Greetz! Vloxie
  20. SephiZack

    2 months making videos. I was at 202 subs four days ago. Now at 300 subs (also 100k+ views)

    I started everything almost randomly. I didn't actually have the intention of doing videos regularly when I uploaded my first one. I started making Youtube videos on the 12th February exactly 2 months ago thanks to a PS4 game called Nioh. I posted every video I made on the Nioh subreddit and...
  21. R

    How to get sponsorship?

    Hi i have a average of 23+ thousand views a day, and i got 655, 439 views in the last 28 days. I only have 5400 subscribers, but i get about 1 thousand a month atm. I am wondering how big your channel has to be to get branding/sponorship deals. I do not make IRL videos but i can still advertise...
  22. M

    Comedy Comedy ( Looking for collaborations from all over the world )

    Hi My name is Moyonzo and I am from Canada. I live currently in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am looking to collaborate with you and I can do mentions or shout outs or even sketches with you in my videos or in your videos. I look forward to hearing back and collaborating with you on YouTube...
  23. SmokeySpace

    Places To Promote Your Channel

    Just looking for places to promote my gaming channel, I've tried here, gamespot forums, google+, Reddit, just about anywhere and not too much as worked out that well. Any other suggestions or suggestions for the things I have done that maybe I have done wrong?
  24. Christie Levine

    Best way to advertise?

    Hey everyone! I'm uploading my first video and I wanted to know if anyone had a specific routine they go through in order to promote their youtube video and channel? My channel is brand new and I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  25. PureDangles

    Using Youtube Promote Worth It?

    I was wondering if anyone has used the promote option when you click down on the arrow next to edit on a video? You get to input the dollar amount you want to use to promote, and then youtube runs an ad for your video on peoples videos. Has anyone used this? I put in to plan on spending $10...
  26. Jimmajabba

    Help With Promotion Of Monthly Show

    Hey everyone! I'm creating a monthly show on youtube and would love some advice on how to properly promote my content without the need of spamming websites, forums or other youtube videos. The show is about video games (along the lines of what Jontron, PBG, Angry Joe and Jordan Underneath...
  27. C

    Gaming Looking for collab and also more channels to include in my mass Collab

    Looking for more channels to add to my mass collab on discord. Promoting eachothers channels and giving feedback + help with editing,thumbnails,tags,etc... also im looking to collab with anyone who playsa Paladins, Wow vanilla Kronos, Warface, Dirty Bomb. My discord is: CjGaMiNg21#6798 Check my...
  28. JoelTavares

    Music Singer-Songwriters / Performers - Tell me about yourselves

    Hey guys I'm completely new on this forum. I'd love to get to know all of you who are seriously commited to making music on youtube. I want to eventually find someone to colab with (preferably if that person lives close to me, but not necessary). I live in Bristol but it is easy for me to...
  29. AliKat

    Using Instagram for Promoting Videos and Getting Subs?

    Hey guys! I've been looking into doing some better promoting to grow as a channel, seeing as my growth so far has been fairly slow (then again I'm not sure what's considered slow at this point hahaha). I've been posting gaming videos for a little bit more than a week and I've nearly hit 30 subs...
  30. gerard loughran

    Fav Social Media To Promote Your Channel

    Facebook, Twitter, or anything else? Which is your favourite platform to use to share your channel with and why? I haven't got a Twitter for my channel so I need to start one.