Promotion questions..


Hi guys so I have a small channel about 24 subs. I actually wanted wanted to ask a couple of questions.
For anyone who has used either YouTube ads or Facebook ads or preferably both
1. What kind of conversion rates did you see for example from your new fan page likes to YouTube subs or new subs to fan page likes?
2.Which of the 2 would you recommend to grow your channel
3. Any good places to get AdWords coupons
? Like in bulk. And if so then are they worth using
4. At what point would it become sort of self sustainable(essentially I can make enough money from my YouTube channel itself to be able to maybe pay for the ads themselves and not have to rely on outside irl sources of income)or to a point where I can get auto growth(like snowball effect type thing)
I plan to target english speaking countries probably like the major 5 Uk USA(minus Cali) Australia Canada ireland.