1. G

    Can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download facebook videos using a software ????

    Hell guys A question : can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download Facebook videos using a paid software " ?? I see a lot of videos in YouTube about that , is that illegal or not ??? Thank you :)
  2. W

    download facebook video,upload to youtube

    is there a free and easy way to get a facebook created video uploaded to my youtube channel? thank you
  3. OndaWire

    Is Facebook Spying on you Right NOW?

    I did hours of research for this one and even added links in the description on my actual YouTube video for his video on my YouTube channel OndaWire so you can verify everything, including @MarkZuckerbelg financial statements from all of his FB share sell-offs which is public knowledge
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Down? Instagram Down? - NOW WHAT?!! #RANT

    Is Facebook Down? Instagram Down? YouTube Down? Social media outage? - Are you panicking that your main platform is down and you can't talk to your audience. Maybe its never coming back, and if thats the case what does that mean to you? You NEED to grow on MULTIPLE social media platforms if you...
  5. OndaWire

    Best portable flash drive on the market!

    This video review is on the Kingston 64gb data traveler usb 3.0 flash drive. Follow me on YouTube at "OndaWire" for more cool tech reviews and if you want to see a personal side of me outside of making these reviews, you can find me Instagram and Twitter at, "TheRealOndaWire". If you want a...
  6. Fitness Buffhq

    Posting my channel's videos links on FaceBook

    I simply post my channel's videos links on the FaceBook. But I have read at many places that posting the youtube videos links on the FaceBook is not the right way, as the FaceBook push down such posts. Please advise what is the correct way to use FaceBook for getting more views?
  7. OndaWire

    Buyer Beware! Don't say I didn't tell you

    People always ask me if I ever review products that are gimmicky. Well here is the new review and man the marketing of this product was brilliant, BUT the product, at best, mehhhh! Follow me at "OndaWire" on YouTube & Facebook for more honest, unfiltered reviews on cool gadgets & other tech devices!
  8. The NotARubicon!

    Is Facebook Even Worth The Time Anymore?

    Several years ago when I created my first few Youtube channels, Facebook was a major way of driving people to view the videos. But over the last 2 years or so and after actually reviewing my data, Facebook has turned into a waste of my time as a source of video traffic. It seems that between...
  9. JayZippo

    Is Promoting On Facebook A Scam?

    I recently tried promoting a Premiere of Season 5 of my Fallout 4 series on Facebook. I had 50 dollar budget for 5 days. It said it would take it to instagram too. Awesome! I was psyched. I paused the ad after I was charged about 15 dollars. Why would I do that? Well... The details of the ad...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page

    How To Connect Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page // Link your Facebook page to your Facebook group. Link Facebook Page and Group to allow cross promotion and the ability for your Page to comment as a user in the Facebook Group. If you don’t have a Facebook Group Page already, here are 5...
  11. ryansrs07

    Facebook and Twitter

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone uses Facebook and Twitter to promote their YouTube channels and if it works. I run my kids channels and seen a few that do this but don't have a huge amount of follower. But I suppose it can another part of promoting the channel. We use Instagram and find that...
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page

    How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page // Filling out your facebook page to make it looked lived in and engaging can help you impress and convert sales and leads for your business. A good Facebook Business Page should always look full, busy and engaging. But...
  13. Khantastic

    Promotion questions..

    Hi guys so I have a small channel about 24 subs. I actually wanted wanted to ask a couple of questions. For anyone who has used either YouTube ads or Facebook ads or preferably both 1. What kind of conversion rates did you see for example from your new fan page likes to YouTube subs or new subs...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page

    Why It's Okay NOT To Have An Active Facebook Page // You've heard me bang on about the importance of Social Media for months... maybe even years. Social Media can be a melting pot of new leads, new clients and great opportunities. But now i'm going to shock you and tell you Why It's Okay NOT To...
  15. Mark Stise

    Posting videos on Social Media...

    Hello Everybody!!! Well I've been part of this site for a couple of weeks now and I must say there is a lot of things on here I have learned. One of which is: In order to grow my channel I going to need to promote my videos! So given the fact that I am on Facebook most of the time and I have...
  16. Lock

    Additional tips to rank YT videos

    Hi all I watched some tips and like to share this with all Just implemented some on my video today and am watching the effects: Share your link within 24 hours so that YT can see it grows traction Share your playlist link so that other videos can be seen on same YT page at right corner iin...
  17. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Change To The News Feed That Hurts Business Pages

    If you have a Facebook Business Page of any kind you NEED to watch this video! Facebook announced a major News Feed change that is going to impact your business page. What does this mean for you and your Facebook marketing? I go over this change and some tips to help you still utilize Facebook...
  18. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Desiree Martinez

    7 Things To Do Before Getting Started With Social Media Marketing - Social media can be a minefield of to dos and what not to dos. So you help you get started make sure you have down your ground work here are 7 Tips To Get You Started On Social Media Marketing. Subscribe For Regular Marketing...
  19. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Started On Facebook - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (5/9)

    How To Get Started On Facebook - Social Media For Beginners 2018 (5/9) // Facebook marketing can be a gold mine for many small businesses looking to stand out. Facebook advertising and social media marketing is always best with a social base and you can't get more solid than the largest social...
  20. TechFit360

    Thinking About Buying An Oculus Rift?

    After using the Rift for around 5 months, I'm really glad I made the purchase. I use my Oculus Rift as a way of escape sometimes. There are a lot of interesting Apps and Games. Can't wait to see what's in store this year for Virtual Reality. Thanks for watching! Dan
  21. O


    Hy mine name is Ozark or (Austin) I'm a gamer who has been playing games for 11 years and have been posting videos for 1 year now and now I'm looking for collaborators to hang out with and post valuable content I play on xbox one the most right now but I'm slowly moving over to pc if you would...
  22. Your Buddy Gas

    Which social media should I use to promote my video's

    Hey guys I heard reddit and Twitter are some good platforms to promote my channel. I'm planning on making an Instagram account for my YouTube channel. And also which groups or hashtags are good for promoting my channel? Edit: I've already shared my channel to friends on Facebook, so that...
  23. Ian Katz

    fun new family friendly Channel

    HI everyone, I have created a family friendly channel posting vids of me and my family doing various activities, having fun, going to do experiments and a whole host of other things under the name Katz Fam. Please subscribe to my youtube channel...
  24. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Russia To Ban Facebook!?

    Facebook banned in Russia? Russia will soon ban Facebook for rusian users if Facebook does not open or move its servers to Russia. Russian laws demand that all Russian users data must be stored in Russia. Russian Facebook Ban, Facebook ban Russia, Russia block facebook. Facebook could be...
  25. Quick Question

    Facebook Videos - YouTube or Native?

    Should I post the YouTube link to Facebook or should I upload the video natively? Or both? What do you do and why?
  26. Samira

    Before posting your link on Facebook

    Hey Guys, I hope this helps you guys. You might have heard that Facebook doesn't like Youtube links and prefers native uploads. Now I recently received a book on the topic of Youtube and in said book was the tip on how to post your youtube links to Facebook. Using the site: yt2fb (I'm not...
  27. JanWar

    Feeling stuck with my promotion game

    Hello there! My niche is war related stuff. So I have been reading articles/watching videos/reading other threads about promotion of a youtube channel. I have been on reddit for very long so I know how to use that website to promote my channel(90% of my views come from there). I have found some...
  28. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Popular Social Media Page Wants to Add More Streamers to its YT Gaming Schedule

    Hey all. We posted here before, and got a lot of responses. We are "The Nerd Encounter" and have 21,900 likes on Facebook, and are using that to make our Youtube channel into a gaming community! The idea is you can stream to our Youtube channel, using the new Youtube Events! And we can use...
  29. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Popular Social Media Page Wants to Add Streamers to its YT Gaming Schedule

    Hello YTTalk People, hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I'm from "The Nerd Encounter" we are a popular Facebook page with almost 22,000 FB Likes(21,900+ right now). A little about us. We as a company specialize in all areas of film/video/audio production! With high end...
  30. G

    Facebook Ads or Youtube Ads

    Hi, I'm new here. My name is Giovanni, nice to meet you all! So this is my story, I have paid for both ad systems. And I Think Facebook is winning right now. I have paid for YouTube ads for some video in the past and got for $30 - 3k views and like 10 subs. Now, that was just bad. "a lot of...