How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page

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Jun 8, 2017
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How To Make Your Facebook Page Engaging - How To Fill In Your Facebook Page // Filling out your facebook page to make it looked lived in and engaging can help you impress and convert sales and leads for your business.

A good Facebook Business Page should always look full, busy and engaging. But I have a little tip for you.... even if your facebook business page is brand new, you can still fill it out to make it look busy!
The first thing you should do is add a profile image. The profile image is the square box on the top left hand side of your page banner. The profile image also works as your company avatar. What this means is, when you reply to a comment the icon will be this profile image.

It is also suggested for branding continuity that you try an use the same icon/profile image that you use on your other social media platforms. This build brand loyalty, brand awareness and build a consistency that is recognizable across all media platforms.

Your facebook page banner is the largest graphic on your page and is unmissable for all visitors. Make sure you take full advantage of this by clearly stating who you are, what services you specialise in and prominently displaying your branding. You can step this up a level but using a Facebook video banner that can add that extra wow factor to hook people to your brand. The Facebook Page banner video will auto loop when the page is initially started and gives you upto 30 seconds to dazzle your future customers. This can blow static facebook banners out of the water.

Then you need to make sure to fill out your business details, opening hours, map location, pictures, native videos, events and more. Filling these out with previous events and image help give it the "lived in" look and shows you are already established and will be around for a long time to come.

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