1. N_ckyboy

    Facebook Page

    So I decided to create a Facebook page to try and gain more viewers. Would be great to hear from my fellow YouTubers any other ways to advertise my channel. Find me on Facebook - n1ckyb0y Kind Regards.
  2. Christoverse

    Would creating a Facebook "fan" page help?

    Hi everyone, I have a few friends on YT who have created Facebook "fan" pages to promote their content on. They swear by it, but I am reluctant to follow suit. I know that at least the followers who choose to follow your page will be okay with you promoting strictly your YT content on FB, but...
  3. jelson975

    Using Facebook to get traffic

    a lot of people on here sing their praise to facebook for helping them promote their videos to other growing youtubers. Can we make this thread for recommending Facebook groups? and maybe even facebook groups that ARENT as good (pages to avoid)?
  4. javacentral

    Where do you share your videos?

    I've always wanted to go out and explore new and different websites to where I can share my content. I've so far done Reddit, Facebook, Google+, and a few random websites that are similar to Reddit like Empeopled but to no avail.
  5. SeanFace101

    Unclickable Social Media Buttons on Channel. Why?

    On my channel, just above the Subscribe button at the top right, i have links / buttons to my Twitter, Google Plus 1, Facebook and LinkedIn.. Why are these buttons on my channel un-clickable? It it a bug on YouTube or something? or Have i added them wrong or something? ::P Anyone know?
  6. Jordan Pike

    100 Facebook likes!

    I just hit 100 FB likes on my travel vlog page (Jordan Pike's Travel Vlog). Most of these are real life friends, but it took a few fans to hit that 3 digit mark. :P Honestly, my FB page feels a bit ridiculous at this point. I share everything I post on there to my regular profile page...
  7. I

    Send fun and weird questions in! FREE S/O

    I've been doing YouTube for a long time, and I still have not done a Q&A! I will begin the Q&A once I have a fair amount of questions (15-20)! I beg you all to help. Besides being featured in my video, you will get a free shoutout! I also ask to view my YouTube videos. I put so much effort into...
  8. Mr Danny

    My Own Social Media

    It's a great social media. It doesn't exist, it probably never will, but that happens to the best things in this planet. BUT I THINK IT'S GREAT. A bit messy, but aren't we all?
  9. WilliamRayWalters

    Facebook's new video section

    Has anyone seen Facebook's video section? Right now it seems mostly centered around live video streams and prior recorded streams, but it's now a prominent 'play' button next to the notifications button on the mobile app. You click the button and immediately see a video feed of the people you...
  10. Tyhd

    Using Facebook in 2016

  11. Action Toys Fun

    Giveaways or contests to help draw traffic to channel

    Hello! I'm interested in doing a giveaway or contest somewhere like Facebook perhaps to help promote my channel. Anyone have any experience with this that would be willing to offer advice? I've never done anything like that before and I am new to Facebook and just started building a page to...
  12. MrDXZ

    Facebook Logo Rules and Regulations

    Ok, so I went to go download the Facebook logo to put in my videos. Well, they want you to specify the reason and two of them are "Online" and "Film & Broadcasting". I know clicking online would be necessary but when I clicked film and broadcasting, it wanted me to ask for permission and give...
  13. KiddieToysReview

    Mirroring Youtube Playlists on Facebook Page - Yes or No?

    I have noticed in the last few days that our Facebook fan page now has a more comprehensive video section with: "Feature a Video on Your Page" "Create Playlists With Your Videos" Would it make sense to upload all our YT videos as either 30 second snippets or full length videos and...
  14. SuperBrolex

    I Made A Website To Help With Promotion - Review It?

    Hey everyone, I created a website to act as a sort of "social hub" for my social media accounts, which are: YouTube Twitter Facebook Google+ I'm basically wondering if you guys could check it out and give me an honest opinion on whether it'd be helpful for YouTube :3 The link is in my...
  15. just Moto

    How to Successfully promote your videos through Facebook

    This is a strategy I employed over the last year and it was pretty good for anywhere between 300 - 3000 views each time I used it. There's a little effort on your part involved, so if hard works not your thing then neither is this tutorial haha. I would only recommend this for YouTubers trying...
  16. Tyler Boyd

    Where are the best places to post your videos?

    I've tried Google + communities, and I am currently searching for Facebook pages. Where do you guys post yours?

    Tips with using Facebook adds

    Hey everyone, Last night I paid for a $10 facebook ad to try and get more views on my youtube trailer video. I don't do this with every video but this one described my channel so I thought it was worth it. Unfortunately after an hour the add got taken down as I had over 20% of text in my thumb...
  18. Rae Talks

    How Do I Find Facebook groups/Utilize Them Effectively?

    Hey everybody, I've read a few people mentioning that they promote their videos through facebook groups. However, I'm curious as to how you find groups for your niche, and afterwards how do you promote within them? Thanks!
  19. Chris and Nima

    Social media networks?

    How many different social media networks do you maintain to promote you YouTube channel? Just curious because it can be exhausting.
  20. Dorianopadilla

    OLLA New to being a youtube creator, check what I am so far.

    I'm a prankster and currently working on skits, and will also looking forward to share funny and epic fails for you guys to have a laugh at... as in return it will definitely make me happy my viewers are giving me good or bad feedback... Please check me out and let me know you are starting this...
  21. Keys

    Hit 100 likes on my facebook page!!

    Took a while but it got there! :D
  22. TheJNDuoPHL

    Facebook Welcome to our FB Page!

    If you are an arcader or a YouTuber, you are welcome to visit The JN Duo Facebook Page! Our page will be full of photos, bloopers, jokes, and many more! We are continually uploading FB content twice or thrice a week! Your visit is a ticket to a journey full of adventures everywhere. Your friend...
  23. Double B

    How to get started on social media(FB/Twitter)

    Hi all, I've got a comment on one of my vids asking if I have a twitter account(he is a bigger youtuber than me and also retweeted my video on his twitter when I set up my account on there), so I set one up and followed some people I liked and did the artwork etc, what do I do now to actually...
  24. Shockadalite

    Facebook Video is Working Better for Me...

    Lately, I've started posting my videos on Facebook and they have gone much, much further. My "likes/fans" are close to 2,000 where as my Youtube Subs are at around 680. I've been watching other Facebookers' pages explode with fans as a result of their videos and it has been so much easier. My...
  25. AllSoSamSerious


    Hello guys and girls. My name is Sam. I'm new here to YT, and I need some help to grow my channel. All I want is some feedback on my video's. While meeting some new people to collab with. I have a gaming channel, which I started not to long ago. I'm not asking you to Subscribe to my channel, or...
  26. darkstarmedia

    Facebook Finally! A Facebook Page!

    Hello, lovelies! I've finally created a Facebook page for my YouTube channel. I'll be sharing my videos, witty anecdotes and stupid puns as and when I think of them. If that sounds alright to you, you can follow me here: http://www.facebook.com/DARKSTARMEDIAUK Thanks a million to anyone who...
  27. Keys

    50 likes on facebook!!

    My facebook page has now received 50 likes! My videos are really starting to get noticed and I'm so thankful for that :)
  28. WilBajamas

    Facebook And Twitter Advice

    Hey there, I know most of you Youtubers out there already know that social media play a big role in promoting your channel or videos. But what I don't know is that, how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively? Most of the tips I've seen keep on saying to engage with others on social media but...
  29. BehrmanTheBeerman

    How to use Twitter (and Facebook) effectively?

    I'm new to social media so I'm really struggling with this. I understand the basics of using @ and # (or at least I think I do). But I'm not sure how to use Twitter to reach new people. My friend said to just use the right hashtags and people will find my posts when they do a search. But...
  30. Crogamer11

    Where to promote my videos on Facebook?

    Hello, can you write here best ways to promote your Youtube videos on Facebook.Which are best groups, pages etc. for promotion and how to get more likes on your Facebook page
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