1. Lekjih

    Sub4sub groups on Facebook

    So, joined some groups on facebook, hoping they'd actually help me in terms of getting better and natural growth. Nope. Sub4sub4days. Halp. Anyone else had this problem?
  2. J

    Has YouTube killed the Seldom Uploder?

    Do you guys think a creator can succeed uploading a lot less regularly than what YouTube recommends? It seems like even once a week is too little these days. And what's more important, a committed schedule or just uploading more? And with Instagram and Facebook on the rise, should a creator...
  3. N

    75% of my views come from Facebook

    Hi guys 75% of my views (6000ish) come from Facebook, as I do write a lot of posts in various groups, how can I increase the rest my views?? I have no negative feedback and people say that the content is great... I don't understand :-( Thank you!
  4. Olija

    Paid Promotion!

    The point that my channel is at...do you guys think it's a good idea to do paid promotion of my channel/videos and/or a Facebook Page promotion? I have never tried either options before and I'd like to know if it's going to give me some sort of benefit when I attempt it. Thanks, OJ
  5. Catalin CHirea

    Facebook videos

    Do you share your whole videos on facebook or just a part and ask people to view the rest of the video on youtube? What is the best strategy?
  6. SharSjar

    Facebook status prank! Oh no! [SharSjar]

    Today I recorded a new video about a facebook status prank! I keep falling for it and here I have everything you need to start pranking people on your facebook page!
  7. Yoursharkfriend

    How to Work Facebook for Channel??

    Okay so I used to have a personal Facebook a long time ago but deleted it because I hated everyone I went to school with lol. So I've been hearing that Facebook is a great place to promote videos and channels and such but idk how to go about that. Do I have to make personal one again? I heard...
  8. MechaJake

    Facebook Post Boosting - Results For Those Who Are Curious!

    Hey Everyone, A couple days ago I did an experiment with post boosting on Facebook to see what kind of results I would get for putting in 'X' amount of dollars with specific target settings. I thought some of you might be curious as to what kind of results this type of ad can have! Keep in...
  9. N_ckyboy

    Facebook Lyrics ...

    So, this originally was going to be a 3 parter, however, I'm having too much fun with it, despite many channels stealing original content and getting way more views than me. Pretty much angers me to be fair. Anyway, I hope you can give me any feedback/suggestions on future tracks you'd like for...
  10. Maarij Bashir

    How do I grow my Facebook page?

    This is something I've been struggling a lot. I've seen tutorials on how to grow your twitter and instagram and they have helped me out a lot, but when it come to my facebook page I have no idea how to promote it. It's ironic to that most of the people who find my channel use facebook. Any tips?
  11. gerard loughran

    Fav Social Media To Promote Your Channel

    Facebook, Twitter, or anything else? Which is your favourite platform to use to share your channel with and why? I haven't got a Twitter for my channel so I need to start one.
  12. Cybrohazard

    If you like cyber bullying, you'll love my channel!!

    Hey everyone, I do a series on my channel called Facebook Cancer, you should check them out. If you like them subscribe for more!
  13. xxheathermarie

    To Make an Official Fbook or Not?

    Hi guys, I want some advice. I am trying to decide if I should make an "official Facebook page" for my YouTube channel or not? I only have 800 subs. But I feel like I annoy some people on my personal Facebook page with videos they're not interested in. What's your guys opinion? Is it too...
  14. Cybrohazard

    Don't hate some Facebook posts?

    I have started a new series on my channel called "Facebook Cancer", where I dive into the armpit of Facebook in hopes of bringing back some good content. Is this something anyone is interested in?
  15. Cybrohazard

    Facebook Cancer- Autism Week

    Hey everyone so I was thinking of starting a new series on my channel called "Facebook Cancer". Pretty much I go onto facebook and find post I can make fun of and make fun of them. What do you guys think? would you watch something like this
  16. The Black Mastadonte

    Advertising on Facebook

    Hey guys. So I recently made a like page via Facebook and I started advertising on Facebook using their promoting service. I'm not sure how good this is for Youtube, so I'm curious to see what you guys think. So, what do you guys think about using Facebook ads to promote your Youtube? Have you...
  17. A

    How to get them from Facebook to youtube?

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and this is my first post. Great forum! I created a channel which went live about a week ago. I decided to create a page on Facebook to promote it, and spend a few bucks in ads (about $35). I've been pleased with the response, since the page received a thousand likes...
  18. SwaggyIndian

    Promoting videos in Facebook groups

    Does promoting in Facebook groups made for YouTube promotion hurt your channel or help it. These groups don't allow sub4sub but some still do it. I usually ignore it or say that I don't do sub4sub. Most people in the groups watch your vids and leave a comment or subscribe if the enjoy it. I post...
  19. Rquerd

    What are some tricks to get a fan base on Facebook?

    I have been really confused about this for a while now. When I created a Facebook dedicated to my YouTube channel, I have only received 1 follower and that's a friend of mine. I would love to use Facebook to advertise my videos but how can I when there's no one that can see my posts? Any...
  20. SeanFace101

    Where is the Settings Page to link to my YouTube to my Facebook/Twitter?

    Where is the settings page in my YouTube Account to link to my YouTube to my Facebook and/or Twitter so that when I upload/like a video it shares the video?
  21. javacentral

    Best social media platform to monetize?

    I'm pretty active on Facebook and Instagram but wasn't sure which social media site would be best for monetizing since I'm slowly saving up some money to do so. I'm even considering doing a little campaign on reddit.
  22. lukeandalexgaming123

    colab partner pc only

    if you want to colab withe me you need to meat the required fields need 100 subs need 1000 views on you channel (send my your channel name)-(I will cheek info) need a good pc/computer that can handle big games like gta5 and csgo if you need to see my youtube details like subs go visit...
  23. KiddieToysReview

    Why FB is Massively Overpriced for YouTube Promotions

    Our Facebook fan page has 283 likes. Our last post reached 73 people. That's 26% reach. FB does not show our post to the other 74% of people who actually liked our page. Why? Facebook wants us to pay to reach those people. Facebook wants me to pay $14 to reach 5,500 people. Mind you these will...
  24. Little World View

    How do you promote your video on Facebook?

    From what I have been reading on here so far it seems like the best thing to do is to upload the video directly to FB instead of sharing the URL. I'm wondering though where do you post the videos? On your fan page? Personal page? Or the FB groups? Cheers!
  25. Kacper

    Feedback On My New Rant

    Hey everyone, one of the things I do most of on my channel are rants. I try to make them unique and entertaining and I have been trying to improve them recently. This one is on Facebook Statuses.Really happy with the thumbnail but if you think that there is something that could improve it eg...
  26. josephcarson0

    Sooo I Had An Idea..

    I have this idea for facebook kinda like a group where everyone shares content on THERE OWN personal facebook to help each other grow.. Good idea? if you have any ideas please share them, I would love to hear from you!
  27. Kass

    Facebook RANT

  28. J

    Uploading Full Videos to Facebook is beneficial?

    Hey everybody, I thought I'd share some information with you guys with a small test I did a while ago. I recently uploaded one of my latest YouTube videos to my personal Facebook in full, to see what the results would be. I have shared the youtube links to a couple of my videos on Facebook and...
  29. K

    If you had to choose one social media platform...?

    Hello YTTalk! Its my first post so be gentle haha. Anyway, I'll be starting up a new channel within the next week as Im just making the finishing touches to my channel pic/logo and to my channel art, and deciding on a name. The channel is going to be a place for me to upload the short (like...
  30. theredletterORG

    Posting Video's To Both YouTube And Facebook?

    What are your thoughts on this? Is it a good way to grow your channel, I have recently started to post to both YouTube and Facebook and I feel my content is reaching more people much faster, but I feel as though it may be taking away from my channel gaining subscribers! I know that I should be...
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