Uploading Full Videos to Facebook is beneficial?

JV Trammell

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May 18, 2015
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Hey everybody,

I thought I'd share some information with you guys with a small test I did a while ago. I recently uploaded one of my latest YouTube videos to my personal Facebook in full, to see what the results would be.

I have shared the youtube links to a couple of my videos on Facebook and the result has always been 0-10 FB likes, 10-20 extra views on the actual video, and maybe a subscriber occasionally.

When I uploaded my 'How To Adult' video onto FB it garnered around 350+ views, which is kinda impressive for my channel, although I KNOW the Facebook video player is bloated. I got 45 likes on the actual post, and a few comments! I added a watermark onto the video which also probably directed 2 or 3 people to my channel who then subscribed. There were also 2 people who shared the video.

All of that was a lot bigger of a reaction than I would have gotten if I had just shared the link. It's very clear that Facebook treats their own videos much nicer than external links. I also believe that Facebook has created a platform where more of their users want to SHARE. Which is great and also one of the reasons I think it's almost easier to get noticed on Facebook. People just scroll and scroll, slowing down to look at every video, no matter who it's from. And if they like it, they will share it because it almost makes them look cool to have shared a video with their friends. You don't get that as much on YouTube.

So if you are considering uploading your videos to Facebook, and you're not embarrassed or anything, I would say try it because the reaction for me has been great. I only would post your favorite videos you've made maybe once or twice a week though. So gamers, this might not work as well for you. Also, obviously if you have a fan page with little followers, it might not be the same.

Anyway, I hope this helps somebody out there, or at least gives some people some new ideas to share their work. Let me know if this helped you in any way! Thanks. Good luck!


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Jul 8, 2016
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I have got more views and occasional subscribers on here then sharing my videos on twitter or facebook but I do agree that it can be very helpful plus I have only been around for like a week so my word has no malice quite yet good informational tip though buddy!