Gaming Popular Social Media Page Wants to Add More Streamers to its YT Gaming Schedule

Jun 18, 2016
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San Diego
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Hey all. We posted here before, and got a lot of responses. We are "The Nerd Encounter" and have 21,900 likes on Facebook, and are using that to make our Youtube channel into a gaming community!

The idea is you can stream to our Youtube channel, using the new Youtube Events! And we can use our software to pass it back to your Youtube Gaming channel or Twitch Channel or whatever else!

So its a win win, you can still stream to your channel, and also to ours which will help both channels grow! All you need is OBS or other streaming software and whatever you already use to stream, doesn't need to be a crazy rig, as long as your streams are fun and cool, thats all that matters!

We still have a lot of slots open! So if you're interested email us with when you're free times and days, and what games you play/specialize in! A,t
Skype: TheNerdEncounter