Gaming Popular Social Media Page Wants to Add Streamers to its YT Gaming Schedule

Jun 18, 2016
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San Diego
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Hello YTTalk People, hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I'm from "The Nerd Encounter" we are a popular Facebook page with almost 22,000 FB Likes(21,900+ right now).

A little about us. We as a company specialize in all areas of film/video/audio production! With high end professional video/audio and hardware/software gear! So we take this seriously but its also very fun!

We are looking for Youtube Gaming as well as Twitch Streamers(size of channel does not matter), that have their own streaming gear(doesn't have to be expensive), but relevant to the type of gameplay you capture/stream. In other words if you can stream to Youtube Gaming or Twitch TV, you "qualify"!

We want to do a streaming collaboration, with different games, styles etc! All types and varieties welcome!

Basically as much as you want, you can schedule in advance to stream on our Youtube and Facebook Page, in order to help grow your channel as well as ours! Consistency is key, we preferably would like people who can make the same time(s) and day(s) each week. We can also send the stream thats streamed to our channel back to your twitch and/or Youtube Gaming, if desired!

Send us whatever you want, if interested! Previous streams, social media pages and channels etc. As well as what days and times you would like to stream, and what games you play/specialize in!

Again Channel size at this point does not matter, however with our help it will certainly grow, its more if you're fun to watch, and love streaming!

If interested contact us at,
Skype: TheNerdEncounter
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