How to Promote Content that Isn't What You're "Popular" For?

To sum up my channel a bit:

*I've been posting on YouTube since August 2018.
*I took a six month break around December, right as my sub count started growing.
*I just started posted again about a month ago, but I'm trying to change up my content because I'm not excited about the content that I was creating.

So, of my videos, my most popular are this reaction series that I do to the MTV reality show, "Are You the One?", as well as some videos about YouTube drama.

I absolutely DO NOT want to make any more drama videos. I made those back when I was trying many different "things" on my channel to see what stuck and I absolutely hate the negativity and b.s. that comes with those videos, so despite a lot of my subs coming from them, I just want to make content that I'm proud to post. I'm still doing the "Are You the One?" reactions, but those seasons only air twice a year so that content is limited.

I just posted a video a couple days ago called, "Full Face Using Only Taco Bell Products". It's a parody makeup tutorial where I do my makeup with items from Taco Bell. I thought the concept was funny and I was really happy with how it turned out,'s barely gotten any engagement. In that video, it's the first time on my channel where I felt like I was genuinely able to generate some of my actual personality for the camera (usually I'm nervous and overthink it), so I'm disappointed that no one is watching and getting a feel for the real me.

I get that my core audience subscribed for reality tv reactions and YouTube drama, but that's just not me and I don't want to make content that I hate simply for views.

How can I promote the content that I'm actually proud of and transition my channel?