Does every creator uses cards?


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The little "i" that shows up on the upper right corner?
Does everyone uses cards in their vids? I've been watching youtube for so many years, I've only clicked on it twice.
So I have not add it to my videos, I find them time consuming to add.

What about you guys? Do you use add cards to your videos?
Let me know!
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I add cards to mine. Looking at analytics, it doesn't seem like I get very many clicks on them. But, I figure every view helps, so I might as well.
I use cards in almost everyone of my videos but to be honest I have no idea if people click on them or not:) I have a lot of videos about kind of the same topics and that´s why I think it is relevant to put some cards in vids every now and then but again i dont know how well it works:)
I did in the beginning, but no one has clicked on them.

I think it depends on the content, if there is alot of engagement in the video from the creator and if you want to refer to other videos/blogs/sites it could be useful. But im not planning on using it.
I don't, mostly because I don't see the point. I don't reference other videos of mine so I have nothing to link to.