Games First look video Strategy

Hi, This is HoobaGames, I own a channel showing games first look videos. I wonder if any of you have any strategy to this type of videos? I found myself that most of my gameplay video last about 20-30 mins, shortest is probably still over 10mins. I see some other strategy posts that startup channel should try to make shorter videos as people maybe reluctant to watch longer videos. Should i apply this strategy to my videos? I have a method of how to do it. Can you guys comment on it?

1) record the gameplay
2) edited the video, pick the good parts and edit this to like a 3 mins video
3) record a separate commentary talk about my impression of the game, put them together.
You sound like you have a good plan. Writing a script can help you keep the video around the 10 minute mark and its definitely something you should consider. You could stretch to 15 mins but I wouldn't say any longer than that for a new channel.